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I'm not usually one to say this but oh boy, that was the longest month wasn't it? 

I think it's almost definitely got something to do with the fact that payday isn't until the very last day of the month and oh my god, it's killing me. 

Not only that January has just felt really slow; with money being tight, we've done very little in terms of nights out and date days, etc. We've then taken it quite easy and tried to rest up between working day and not really throwing our energy into too much extra as and when possible. So the first monthly update of the year might actually be really boring - sorry! 

five good things #6 - see the stars
five good things #6 - see the stars

Just before the new year I treated myself to the Olympus Pen EL-8 which unfortunately for J means I'm starting the year as I'm hoping to go on; and that's dragging him to as many places as possible to get content. I'm pretty sure it's boring him but after talking sharing my plans in with my goals for 2020 I've been more determined than ever to work on my online content.

I hit lucky on this day as although it was absolutely freezing outside but lucky no rain, which has honestly been happening every other day I've attempted to shoot content for the rest of this month. We'd gone for a walk around the park before spending the afternoon with Josh's mom and it was wonderful; we got some exercise, talked about life, plans and set some personal goals for the year ahead and then I shoved the camera in his hands and we took these snaps; I wish we had more time to find more spot in the park, but hey ho.

five good things #6 - see the stars
five good things #6 - see the stars

JACKET: New Look 
SCARF: Primark (similar)
DRESS: Boohoo 
BOOTS: Primark (similar) 

As I've already mentioned; this is a big deal for me this year and I've really focused myself on working on content for this year. I'm currently spend as much free time as possible working towards content, I'm spending date day asking J to take my photos and I'm actually at a point where I worry this could potentially backfire in the next couple of weeks, but I'm trying to keep an open mind that this is exactly what I want. 

A couple months back I registered with Birmingham Libraries and was using it as an opportunity to head to the Library of Birmingham to spend my days working through things on my laptop and to read my way through photography and marketing books - which worked really well, for a month or so. And now I've set myself the challenge of reading more I renewed my membership with the library which is less than 5 mins away from my house; picked up some fab reads which I need to finish before mid feb, so wish me luck. 

Yep, you read it. Ya girl finally did it. I got a tattoo two years ago and have been itching to get another one since but making the decision was all down to it being the perfect timing and perfect design and this year we hit lucky. I've been following a local tattoo artist (@hoperosie) since last year and she had some space, I decided to get a tattoo to dedicate to my Nanna and with the help of Hope, I know how the perfect tattoo on my fore-arm. You can see it on my instagram

five good things #6 - see the stars

I think I've already set the bar high for 2020; because after years of debating and wondering if possible, I've finally started a podcast. Thankfully this is more down to the amazing-ness that is J and his faith in us being able to do this. We currently have an Instagram page for this and we're yet to upload our first episode live; which we'll be streaming via anchor and Spotify, so watch this space for more updates. 

Me and J started the year hanging out with one of our favourite couples; Abbie & Tarnya - the four of us headed into Birmingham on NYD and it was wonderful, me and Abbie have been lucky to see each other quite frequently throughout the month; she even took some snaps for me towards the end of the month which I'm super excited to share with you soon. It's the date nights and lil' trips out that remind me of how special our friendship is and how lucky I am to have a friend like her in my life, so thanks Abbie. Luv ya x  

This month we've done plenty of life admin, which is definitely more focused on the online creative thing at the moment and I couldn't be more proud of myself for it. Getting back into a routine with my online is something I've wanted for months and month, so I feel so grateful I've been able to find my footing with it again.

February is potentially another slow month in terms of plans and life, but I've really enjoyed doing these monthly updates with you. Not only is this a great opportunity to share snippets of my life with you all but it's a good way to remind myself of the good things that I've experienced. It reminds me to enjoy even the small things in my life and really helps boost my mental health in general. 

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