20.2.20 Birmingham, UK

It's surreal to think this year I'm celebrating seven years of see the stars and after so many downfalls of writers block and generally just falling out of love with creating, I've somehow managed to bring myself back from all the self-doubt and omg I couldn't be happier about it. 

And as we're now into a new decade, I thought it was probably the best time to decide what direction I want to take with blogging, and the things I'd love to achieve, especially this year. 

things I want to achieve with blogging this year - see the stars

I went into some detail about my goals and hopes for my blog in my goals for 2020 and some of these I'm already super close to accomplishing, so I thought it might be the best for me to delve a little more into what I want to achieve with my blog. I know, I know, this is totally similar to the post I've already created etc, but I have been super lucky with my blog in the last couple of months and I wanted to use my space to almost create an action plan of how I want the rest of the year to go. 

Realistically, I want to start having more fun with my blogging. I'm trying not to put too much pressure on myself and what I share online and so far, it's really working in my favour. I have my dips when I put pressure I getting as much content as possible and spending every free moment with my laptop open, but I'm working on that, I promise. I'm spending more time with friends when I have time off, I'm switching off for at least an hour a day to read instead of scroll Instagram and whilst it's driving me a little stir-crazy from time to time, I know it'll help in the long run. 

I set myself a plan each week for what I want to achieve for those 7 days, I consider the days I'm at work and the days I already have plans and go from there. Me and J have started to head out at least once a week to get me some outfit/fashion content taken, it's been a bit of a fail the last couple of attempts but going out and getting the images is progress in itself, so yay! 

Another aspect I want to focus on with my blogging alongside the fun, is introducing more of my personality. Whilst I've always worn my heart on my sleeve in terms of my written content, I don't want to stress about having the perfect photography and it all being polished. Trust me guys, my life feels like such a mess sometimes so I guess it's only right I share that online too. 

things I want to achieve with blogging this year - see the stars

Whilst I'm working on changing my blogging direction and feeling a little more laid back, this is possibly the best I've worked with my online content, simply by recognising the unnecessary pressures I had and just spending 5 minutes on my content each day. I'm uploading more regularly just because I don't focus on bulk photos and writing, just as and when inspiration hits instead of crashing from doing too much in one day and then spending weeks recovering. 

Ah, well that turned into a ramble. Anyway, whilst I have some pretty realistically goals in my more recent post and I guess I just want to elaborate on what I want to achieve in the next 12 months. 

At the beginning of the year I set my sights on a 2K following but already, I'm only a couple hundred from achieving this and I've never been happier with growth of my online content. I've always encourage people not to focus on the numbers and whilst I still believe it to some extent, the growth in numbers is also a good way of getting more work via my content - so it's a really difficult toss up between not getting too stressed by them or working too hard to achieve them. 

That being said, I'm so close to the numbers I wanted to hit this year, so I guess I'll continue to set myself smaller more realistic goals throughout the year on all my social media channels and just see what happens... 

I've never had dream collaborations and I still don't, I think I don't want to set my heart on a company and it not work out and then be really bummed out. But after my little blogging hiatus since '17, it's been really difficult to find myself working with brands again - I didn't know how to pitch ideas, how to reach out and omg I lost all my creative thoughts when someone would ask me for ideas on how to use there company in a post. 

In the last few weeks I've been lucky enough to personally reach out to some cool brands and even had some approach me, so watch this space because over the next couple of weeks I have some really exciting plans happening and I can't wait for you to see them. This also comes hand in hand with the fact that I'm currently working a part-time job and I'm hoping get more from blogging, via my social media channels I've tried and tested working with tribe, which so far hasn't given me much but I'm constantly working towards finding more opportunities which has given me such a motivational boost and guys, I couldn't be happier - lets hope this continued throughout the year, right? 

I like to think I began my blogging journey at it's best days; when building friends online was this super exciting experience and oh my life - the pals I've made online, I've never been happier. I even wrote all my blogging pals a little thank you note, unfortunately over the years people have stopped writing so much, blogs have since been deleted and I've grown distant with so many of people - this year I've been fortunate to build back some of those connections and I'm getting to know some new friends and it is so lovely and a truly heartwarming part of being online. 

things I want to achieve with blogging this year - see the stars

Let's be honest, I've been working towards this for quite some time now and it's really started to pay off and I love it. I've never felt I fitted in with just one niche but I always felt a little bit limited, so it's been nice to work with topics, products and just general things I truly love. 

Me and J currently live with my parents, we had a bedroom which is basically big enough for us and our belongings. When J moved in I had to move my desk into a different room and it's been really difficult to use that space and my desk over the course of the year, so I guess in a more personal aspect of my blogging journey, I want to get myself a creative space back up and running - be gone the days of working from my bed. 

I think I've set my sight on some pretty realistic goals for the year and I'm quite excited to see how this pans out; I'll keep you posted alone the way too - promise! 

What's your plans for this year? 

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