If you read my what I got for Christmas 2019 post, you'll have seen that I was treated to so much makeup which kind of gives me the perfect excuse to drop back into that 'beauty blogger' niche...I'm sometimes known for. 

If you've been reading for quite some time you'll be very aware I've been following a very similar routine when it comes to my everyday makeup, I've hardly broken away from the warm shades; such as orange, reds and browns - I've been a little hooked on these shades to be honest and truth is, it's been really hard to break away from it.

When somethings suits you, it kinda sticks doesn't it? 

J was unbelievably sweet to get this palette for me, I think I'm more in love with the fact that he's so clueless with beauty and that side of my personality but he knew how much I enjoy creating makeup looks and took the time to search makeup isles for not just this Night and Day Makeup Revolution palette, but three others. Ah, he's adorable. 

And the love for my boyfriend aside, this palette was just what I needed to break away from my  previously predictable shades. 

What I love most about the Night and Day palette is that these are neutral colours, so it's not too drastic for me, although that blue shade has been screaming at me for days now - I can't wait to create a look with this. Whilst I don't think I could create an everyday look by just using this palette alone, I think it'll be really good to use this shimmer shades in the mix with the other colours I have in my makeup bag. 

Each shade bar one or two are shimmer shades, all with amazing pigments and such bright glitters, which I love to use either as a centre piece of the makeup look or to create a highlight in the inner corners of my eyes. Especially when makeup looks for summer evenings, I love using the bright glitter colours, so I know this palette will get some lovin' when the summer events begin. 

I'm so grateful for this palette and really excited to continue playing with the shades and find my favourite looks over time. While I'm playing with the shades, I might start sharing my looks via Instagram, so make sure you're following me if you're interested in this lil makeup journey. 


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