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Ah well this is certainly a long time coming and omg I don't think I can describe the excitement for this. Since moving back in with my parents back in 2018 I've been determined to make that familiar space, mine again (which fyi, I moved into a different bedroom and everything was up in the air) and  when J moved in with us, we settled into my old bedroom.

Now it's just a matter of fighting for a little extra space and a girl who needs her own space form time to time, this is an essential. 

shopping for a new office space - see the stars
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Anyway, what are we doing? We can't currently afford to move out and have out own space but my parents are currently in the process of a couple much needed house renovations, a new bathroom, kitchen and I'm sure there's talks about new windows; which I'll be sure to direct them to the special offers with discounted windows. But within this whole process I'm going to start my own lil reno project; and that's to turn the unused box bedroom into a little office or as my dad thinks 'man cave'. With me and J both being quite creative people, we've just started a podcast, with my blogging actually going somewhere this year and all the other creative ideas we have, trying to do all that in a bedroom without much space to move is really difficult. So we're taking the opportunity to create the box room into an office, with a proper desk set up for our computers, a backdrop for any filming needs and a proper space to record our podcasts - so yeah, making this space our own is really important. Sorry mom and dad, I'm sure you had so many other plans for this room...

In true typical blogger fashion, I wanted to turn this into a primer blogging opportunity and share my style ideas and furniture finds with you...because come on, who doesn't love a little Wishlist collage. 

shopping for a new office space - see the stars

As weird as this might seem, I'm so excited to gut the place out. It's been in need of some serious TLC for a while, so I'm kind of looking forward to getting my hands dirty and getting it back to the basics - I can't be the only one but having a clear out and doing some deep cleaning is really quite therapeutic. The bedroom is currently being used as some sort of dumping ground, it's filled with my brothers and my boyfriends belongings and my computer which I currently don't have access too - so I'll be there for days sorting it all out

Whilst we're not ready to move out yet, I do have the idea that majority of the products we'll be purchasing will also be pieces I'll be able to take along with us - so I'm thinking very minimalistic, white and IKEA, ya know? ...and maybe, a little splash of colour, to compliment the room. We need storage space for all the bits I'm not actually allowed to throw away - I'm thinking very junk, but make it cute. Also plants, lots and lots of plants - which I've been spying loads in Primark lately and oh my days, I seriously need the space for some more.

What's your essentials for your desk set up? 


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