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I'm fairly certain I sounded like a right miserable cow when sharing my valentines date ideas with you just a couple days ago, I talked about how I don't typically like celebrating the day of love and I think that post gave me time to have a little chat with myself and remind of why I would've loved this day a couple years ago. 

valentines day beauty essentials ft Browns jewellery - see the stars
valentines day beauty essentials ft Browns jewellery - see the stars

So in a continue attempt to change my mind on Valentine's DayI want to share with you the beauty essentials I'll be making sure I have at hand for when me and J celebrate. If I'm honest we've not really discussed what we'll be doing and whether we'll celebrate on the day or around the date, I guess this is life when you work in retail. 

Whatever we decide to do, I want to make sure I look and feel my best and being as I have overflowing drawers of makeup (some of which hasn't been used in months) I thought it made sense  to have you all involved in my thought process for this... 

valentines day beauty essentials ft Browns jewellery - see the stars

You may have noticed I'm trying to share more fashion related content, both here and over on my Instagram, and whilst for the most part it's proving to be quite successful - I'm far from the fashion blogger I wished I could be. And with that I'm reminding myself how I'd create my outfits and how some of my best creations come from the makeup and accessories I wear.  

I feel so much more confident in myself when I'm happy with my makeup and I really enjoy using 'holidays' as the time to experiment with my looks. In the middle of my I don't believe in love phase, when it came to Valentine's I'd just stick with a red lip and a thick cat eye, simples. But this year now I'm a little more in love, with love I'll be back to my experimenting ways. 

valentines day beauty essentials ft Browns jewellery - see the stars
valentines day beauty essentials ft Browns jewellery - see the stars

You must be new here if you don't know my love for glitter! But it's been a hot minute since I last included it into my makeup routine, so you bet ya ass I'll be wearing it for a romantic holiday like this. If you haven't sensed the theme already I'm quite fond of the rose gold and golden tones in my makeup and the golden glitter pots really compliment any shade I tend to use. So it's a simple fix to make any everyday makeup look, date night appropriate. 

Let's be honest here, I can't afford to get my nails done too often and if it was possible for this month I would've already had them done but over the years I've built quite the collection of polishes, so whenever I'm bored of my nails; I'll jump between a variety of shades. My inner goth really shines through with my nails and I love wearing black or deep colours, yet down to work I'm only allowed to wear nude colours as of late. This valentines I actually have the day off, so it might be nice to give my nails a little bit of TLC with a completely different shade...even if it is just for 24 hours. 

After picking up a bottle in the Boxing Day sales I have been making the most of the snow fairy whilst I can but I'm a sucker for a sweet scent so I might use this occasion to treat myself to a new perfume...or maybe it can be my valentines treat, yeah? Thanks J x 

valentines day beauty essentials ft Browns jewellery - see the stars

Similar to the perfume, I'm a sucker for the sweeter smells and it's easiest to pick it up in body lotion form and a hell of a lot cheaper. Whilst it's important to look after your skin on a regular basis anyways, oh my god when I've remembered to exfoliate and moisturise on a regular basis my skin feels amazing and then I get pissed with myself for ignoring such an essential part to my daily routine. Luckily,  the romance of the day does make it a little more important to me that my skins feels and smells just as good, maybe even using it as an excuse to share the experience...y'know?

Now, I'm thinking more date night specifics here - but when planning a date night, especially when they're few and far between. Whilst I don't think you need to make too much of an effort for date night, literally take away and a movie night and I'm sorted but those ones every once in a while where you choose you're fav restaurant or bar and get dressed up for the evening, these tend to be my favourite. I've noticed my style is very much jeans and a t-shirt kind of style, so I really love getting to switch it up a little bit and adding different accessories to complete the looks - the Rosa Mer Collection has definitely caught my eye this month with a variety of aquamarine, sapphire and morganite which all add such a classic and subtle note to any outfit.

I guess at the end of the day, we can celebrate valentines day however way we want, with the person we love the most, with our gal pals or just on our own but it's essential we add bits of self-love into the day and remind ourselves to love our bodies too - and I guess thats why I put so much effect into what I wear, the makeup looks I create and the accessories I add to complete any look, thank you Browns Jewellery for reminding me that I need to love myself during this February holiday season.

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