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Now correct me if I'm wrong? But aside from the fact I have terrible eye-sight, one of my biggest peeves about having to wear glasses, is that it completely distracts from the makeup looks I love creating. 

Creating makeup looks when wearing glasses - see the stars

I've fallen in and out of love with makeup in the last few years; possibly due to laziness and I've just stopped putting too much pressure on spending too much time on my makeup looks, majority of the time I spend 5/10 minutes on my everyday makeup routine, get up and get going. A very easy solution when going to work requires a more natural look anyways. I mostly focus my time of hiding the bags under my eyes and worry no more. 

Over the years I've developed such a love for beauty and makeup products; noticing ways of expressing myself through the art of applying makeup but one of my biggest issues was once I put on my glasses I'm really worried the makeup ends up disappearing behind the frames and it's possible my laziness has stemmed from this thought process.

When I was a teenager and in my early twenty's I spent more time worrying about how people would view me and would often wear contact lenses much more frequently than I do nowadays. 

Creating makeup looks when wearing glasses - see the stars
Creating makeup looks when wearing glasses - see the stars

I contemplated making this a post filled with tips and hint on how to create the best makeup looks and then panicked that I didn't know enough to share with you; but being as I've survived my teen years and all my awkward makeup phases whilst wearing glasses, I might actually know a thing or two. 

Personally one of my biggest pieces of advice when working with makeup is to use products similar to this makeup revolution Petra palette, not only do you have a wide variety of colours to find the shades that suit your eye colour best but usually I find creating makeup looks with shades that compliment my eyes or experimenting with quite bold colours really helps to bring out my eyes and helps them stand out from the frames.

Creating makeup looks when wearing glasses - see the stars

Another thing I tend to do, especially when it comes to picking out my newest glasses is to find a wider frame with a more subtle colour too them, my current pair are a rose-gold tone and whilst they are highly complimented on a regular basis (honestly, even strangers compliment these bad boys). Now, I don't mean choose really boring frames, because there's so many fun, quirky and fashionable pairs available but instead more - when shopping for your newest pair, find some that you know you'll feel confident in and will also compliment the makeup you wear. Luckily Mister Spex have a wide range of glasses available, so we're all spoilt for choice now! 

It's been a hot minute since I last experiment with my makeup look - it's only recently I've started to re-introduce my gel eyeliners back into my everyday routine, so I'm really looking forward to dusting off these colours and seeing what looks I can create, those pinks one are looking extremely inviting right about now. 

Whats you're biggest piece of makeup advice for someone who wears glasses? What beauty will you always recommend for them to try out? 

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