2.3.20 Birmingham, UK

Hi, hello! Welcome back. 

So I shocked myself when I began writing this and I noticed how I've been writing this 'series' for around seven months now, if you've been reading since my first five good things, you'll be aware that I started writing these as a way to reflect back on the previous month and to remind myself of the good things we've been doing and a nice way to look back on the little moments we all tend to forget. 

five good things #7 - see the stars
five good things #7 - see the stars
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Now, I've had a little switch up with the naming of this series; I'm sure no-one's even going to notice but I just wanted to make it known, maybe for my own sake but I've decided to stop limiting myself to posting this at the end of the month and always making them so 'month' specific, instead make it more of a casual life update, easy breezy, right? 

Obviously I'm going to hope I can still post these are a similar time schedule however I just don't want to stress at the end of each month to make sure I upload, because just like when I used to write my Sunday summary series - I would always forget and panic write the post, oops!

five good things #7 - see the stars
five good things #7 - see the stars

I'll be honest here, it's been bit of a shit month. I came down with a really bad flu at the beginning of the month and yay for me - it's very much still here. So everything's been a little on a go slow, I've been feeling quite rubbish mentally (I've chatted a little more about this on insta, here) and trying to keep my spirits up in general has been proving quite difficult. 

But we've survived the month and I've been able to have quite a bit of fun in-between all the mayhem; so yay, let's talk about my five good things of the month. 

If you didn't see my Instagram stories the other week, we headed into Birmingham for the pop up event of The Big Bakes and got out hands dirty with some baking. It was a stressful experience, we were given 90 minutes to bake and decorate two set of doughnuts and for two inexperienced bakers we didn't do too badly. I have a blog post about this coming in a few weeks time so keep an eye out for more on this. 

Okay, we've been lucky to have a couple of these evenings - one of these evenings was spent with my family, my nan, aunties and my baby cousin. It was a simple and chilled evening, we gossiped, caught up on first dates and love island and just spent the time together and it was something I really needed. The next evening was spent with J's family; we went to his brothers house over a weekend to watch the boxing - not my usual Saturday night entertainment and definitely not something I usually stay up all night (till 6am!) for. But we hung out with his brother, sister-in-law and nephew and after having such a sad day the day before, this was exactly what was needed. 

This ones a bit more of a toot my own horn kind of thing but I've been working my arse off since September to bring back my little blog and thankfully it's been a warm welcome from everyone (thank you so so much). But it's really felt as though it's been paying off this month; I've been working with more brands, getting more experiences planned and I'm so so grateful about it. Unfortunately I'm having a hard time at the moment about work, money and all those usually stresses and having these opportunities and finally making a little bit of dollar from my creating, is helping ease my mind over it all. 

So for the last couple of weekends me and my friends have been making our way through the cool bars and new hang out spots in Digbeth, we tried Drop Shot at the beginning of the month and at the end of the month we tried the new arcade bar NQ64 - and omg it was so much fun. The bar is filled with old school arcade games and consoles. It's a range of consoles set up along a sidebar; Nintendo, Sega and playstation all set up with a variety of classic games (and these one are free to play too) and then you can pay around £6 for 15 tokens to play the arcade games. I had a sweat on when playing the dance mat with Abbie, the girls were loving life on Guitar Hero and J and Taryna we're thrilled to find the wrestling games on playstation. It was a really fun experience and I'm certain we'll be hitting the bar again. I'm considering writing a post about our trip here, would you be interested? 

We did it! After weeks of chats and deliberating, planning and designing all our little bits of art work for our new account; we finally recorded our first episode and it's finally been live for a couple weeks and we're actually working on uploading the second episode too, so that might be ready for you by now - if you're yet to listen, you can catch up here. 

five good things #7 - see the stars

It's been a weird month over all; I've been feeling a lot of feels, mostly sadness and loneliness and it's been a bit of mental battle with myself so I'm ready to wipe the slate clean in March. We've got some good things coming up, some blogging experiences and with my birthday coming up we've got loads planned. 

I'm going into March reminding myself that although I've been feeling the loneliness, I'm going to focus on the people that have really cared for me this month and take a step back from the people that aren't making me feel happy about myself. 

What five good things have happened recently? 

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