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March is always a big month, not only is it my own birthday (today actually, happy birthday me) but also so many of my friends too, so obviously I'm always on the hunt for the perfect presents for my pals and oh boy, do I feel that pressure. 

With Mother's Day typically landing in March too and Christmas not too long ago; I wanted to share a different approach for this guide, have a little fun ya know. 

Birthday Gift Guide - See the Stars
Birthday Gift Guide - See the Stars

I'm officially the other side of 25 and so much closer to 30 (I mean, I've still got 3 years but y'know) and I wanted to dedicate this post to us mid 20's gals, who need a little pick me up in life - we're not all ready to settle down, with all the 'grown up' gifts, give us some fun still, am I right? 

When it comes to buying gifts for people I always focus on getting them something fun or something they wouldn't necessarily purchase themselves or the things we don't know we need until we get them, you know those kind of gifts?

Birthday Gift Guide - See the Stars
Birthday Gift Guide - See the Stars

I'm also focusing this on the folks who don't have too much in the bank but still want to treat pals, so if this is for you, enjoy... 

Well, obviously this one will always depend on the person you're buying for - my group of friends are split 50/50 within this category, but for the ones that suit...One of the things that's worked best for my pals over the years is noticing what they already love and any products you think they'd love too, going off you're own recommendations is always key. 

My pals gifted me the Urban Decay Cherry Palette a while ago and it was such a sweet gesture knowing she'd recognised how much I enjoyed makeup and picked up something I'd not yet tested. 

This doesn't just mean makeup products, but skin care, bath essentials and a wide variety of self-care products. Ah, the bath essentials if I could recommend one place, a small business - it's going to be Stript Cosmetics, where you'll find soaps, bath products and so many good plastic free, vegetarian and hand-crafted products. So, even if you can't afford much, help your mid 20's friends switch off for an evening, pamper and simple enjoy themselves...hey, add a bottle of wine with this too, and it's perfect!

There's such a variety of books available that this usually does become the first gift idea I'll look into, checking whats around and will fit the persons personality - starting with colouring books, fiction or non-fiction, travel books and self-help and others which I can only describe as interactive books (?) A couple years back I gave my friend 'notes on a nervous planet' for a friend and she'd completed it within days, so yay a success! And not too long after she'd gifted me a Q&A A Day Journal and it's such a good way to reflect on your life over the year. 

Self helps are such a good gesture, especially if friends need a little pick me up, it might be small but it's a sign of helping someone. Trust me, from experience it's knowing they know and you instantly feel a sense of comfort.  

Birthday Gift Guide - See the Stars
Birthday Gift Guide - See the Stars

Realistically this could go on and on, as some of these things are my favourite things. My parents got me a record player a few years ago, which cost around £60-£70 (obviously a little on the pricey side);  however, they vinyls are available at such a variety of places and prices. I tend to search charity shops for some older records and for any newer releases, I'll either find them online or in stores. Whilst we're talking music, another option is looking into gig tickets, again pricey but sometimes an option to consider; especially if they're smaller bands, smaller venues and you both like the same music.

If music isn't your go to choice, maybe gaming is? Because boy, theres so many options - I picked up this plug-in arcade game from primark and I know for a fact similar ones are available all over the place. What I love most about these is allowing the people to revisit the retro gaming styles, which is so fun!

...My final gadget in this category, photography. Whether this be in the form of physical prints, photo frames and gadgets like string lights and clips or ways of hanging the photos - this is my favourite way of sharing memories and ultimately it's my favourite gift to give and receive. I've had my polaroid camera for years now and talking from experience anyone who has one of these can't always afford the film, if you know what I mean?! Fortunately, it's not just photography that makes great presents but the add-ons and gadgets for these cameras too - camera bags, straps and lens clips too, the possibilities are endless really. Photography but make it cute, right?

It's the small bits I believe really complete the gifts when it comes to buying for friends - or anyone for that matter...I'll always opt for a number of reasonably priced bits and finish it off with some lil bits. Just like the lil bits of alcohol with my self-care gifts, I'll also look into sweet treats like the happy birthday lollipop which not only is cute and personal but also it's alcohol flavoured and the best part is there's so many flavours to choose from. Thinking of flavours, I always focus on a friends specific favs; and I'll choose their fav flavours but also in the products too - I look for syrup flavouring for drinks, specific foods or sweets or y'know those gift sets that people don't realise are actually pretty handy.

Other trinkets include some really fun lifestyle pieces, I was sent a wide variety of really cute things from Punky Pinks not too long ago and omg, everything is perfect for these kind of gifts - I received the most adorable hip flask, character socks and some cute key chains. To most these looks like such silly gifts but they are my favourite. And if you live for these kind of gifts; you'll be able to find some adorable choices at Dorkface - my friend Jemma sell her artwork online, not only does she create custom artwork but she creates notebooks, sticker packs, enamel pin and a variety of prints. 

And I think that's it. Some inexpensive gift ideas for your mid-20 friends. It might seem like much, all the little things, but they add up and they can mean the world to your pals.

If you any other recommendations I'd love to hear them? Shout out to any small business that you love and I'll be sure to add them in at a later date.

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