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Something a little different on the blog today, but I'd challenged myself at the beginning of this year to do more with my blog and one of those things was being more creative.

My original plan was to get out a little more and take more photos, being creative with the style of photography I share, creating more IGTV's and sharing more of a variety on my social medias or simply finding ways of expressing myself with the content I create. 

Sites to create graphics for your blog post - See The Stars

I'll be honest with you, I really felt like I lost myself in the blogging world over the last couple of years and as soon as I found my spark again, I've been really worried and with all that fear also came determination too. I spend as much of my free time as possible working on See The Stars, I think I drive people crazy with how much I'm working on my blog lately, I've always got my phone in my hand and omg, I am constantly taking pictures. Ask J. I rarely stop thinking about my online content. 

Whilst you may think that blogging is just about the writing and the blog itself, there's so many more aspects into making it the website you're proud of. When it comes to my blog, I've always been focused on my photography but that isn't the only creative aspect of sharing what I love online, doing this blogging thing also requires branching out with other design elements.

With that I want to share more on my blog of how I create things as a blogger, the websites, apps and others outlets I use to make this my blog and the best part is, I'm trying new things all the time, I'm not limiting myself to one style and that really matches my personality and this blog. 

Canva is my most frequently used website when it comes to creating graphics etc. Whilst it's not something I can use to edit images and it's slightly restricting in some aspects, its really great for graphics as a whole. It comes with pre-made templates (which you can edit for your choosing, of course), with the option to upload you're own images, graphics, text, elements and even music & videos - I have used this website to create a variety of images for my blog posts, my media kit and even for birthday cards & presents and business cards for clients. It's been a life saver for my productivity and creative outlets. 

It's quite possible we've all been using this website quite possibly since the end of the myspace days, ya know? It's been with us for a while and we all know how to use it. Unfortunately this website does require a monthly subscription to get the full use out of the website and that has meant I've stopped using it over time - however, back in the day I'd use this for all my editing essentials. Before I stopped using it so often I'd use this for a variation of things - editing, collages and adding texts and details onto the post. 

Not only do I find these websites a massive hand when I'm editing photos and adding more graphics and doodles to said photographs, I often use websites to create other graphics for my blog, whether it's for my blog header or graphics to include on other social medias and business cards etc. I like to keep these designs simple and minimalistic and since discovering sites like monogram designer I'm able to create this simplistic designs and woah, do they look all profess when completed. If you're looking for something to help you with your social media channels, the monogram app is also available, which is great for creating background designs for your blog posts and social media stories, like Instagram stories. 

I found the layout to this very similar to Canva but with added aspects very similar to both a design kit and pic monkey. Most interesting part of this website is the creativity involved, just like a design kit, theres so many options available on the website where you're able to really spark that fun in creating things. I'll be keeping this website at the ready the next time I need some help finding my motivation. 

It's been a while since I've been able to use programs like photoshop and with years of not being able to afford it etc, etc. I've always been looking for the next best thing and when it's free - even better. Whilst it's missing some adaptations, it's great for the basics. I often use this for edits, creating collages and making minor adjustments, I often use this for small changes but a website worth having bookmarked for those times. 

Ah, a design kit I often use for the content I create for instragram or via any other social media channels. It's available on my phone and quite frankly it's easy to use. I often use this to add doodles onto my photos and create a bit of background colour into the post - the app also includes add ons , stickers, texts, fonts and collages, which are available at a charge. 

And that's it! I've tried add a mix of both websites and apps that I've used over the years and as sad as this may sound, these have all served great purpose for my blogging over the years and I'd be a little bit lost without them actually...

I've probably missed a million-and-one other websites but these are some of my favourites and have served the purposes I've needed them for, I'll try and create an updated list if I'm to find anymore. If I've missed any of your favs, what websites do you use to help your blogging? 

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