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Oh 2020 has already been a shit show for my self-confidence and for someone who is regularly creating content online it's really made a knock on effect. I'm assuming just like everyone else, self confidence has always been a little bit of an issue and I wanted to throw my two cent in about how it's been making me feel lately.

Grab a drink, this could be a long one.

Things I like about myself - See The Stars
Things I like about myself - See The Stars
| DRESS : Femme Luxe | JACKET: New Look (similar) | SHOES: Schuh 

I've always been branded the shy, low self-esteem girl who's unaware of how capable she is and to be honest, it's probably hit the nail on the head - my personality down to a T and everything like that. During my years of blogging I've been quite lucky that I've build up that confidence, I'd stopped worrying too much about what people were thinking, shared what I loved with the internet and stopped completely blushing when someone mentioned they'd found me online - but the person I am online isn't always the person I am IRL. 

This idea has been inspired by my two friends Leah and Lea-Mai a few years ago when I was going through  similar mindset - instead of sharing the good things I liked, I talked about all the bad. The good thing is, I'm now more aware of adapting my mentality so I want to try talking about the good things instead. 

The thing that sparked this though? Was actually this set of pictures, this khaki jumper dress was gifted to me from Femme Luxe and I was really looking forward to getting out and getting this set of photos - obviously weather wasn't on my side, my clothes got soaked through and so did my hair but it was the only day I could get these photos taken, so needs must right? 

Aside from the shitty weather conditions; I then started to pick at every photograph and my body and the day suddenly felt ruined - we took these photos and called it a day. 

Things I like about myself - See The Stars

If we're being honest here, the list of the bad is definitely longer than the good but I'm trying, okay? 

I have the most boring eye colour in the world; they're a mix between a dull brown and hazel but I've always been proud of them. Even from a young age I remember being so vocal and talking with such pride about my eye colour and how much I loved them, the colour has changed over the years and they aren't the same deep colour they once were and my eyesight gets worse each time I have a check up but still, I love them. 

And for my smile, they're so infectious and I really love that idea that if I'm smiling, someone else might start smiling too. 

For someone so short, you'd imagine they'd be one of my least favourite features and trust me, I don't exactly love them for the length - although, my height is one of the reasons people find my so cute, so I can't completely complain. But my chunky lil legs really compliment the rest of my body, just like my booty(!?) and believe me, they look even better in heels! 

I'm sorry but it's probably my most favoured part of myself and I don't really know why, it's a hell of a lot less perky than it was a couple years back but it's still got some life left in it. My butt practically  makes my figure and whilst I'm struggling to love the rest of my body shape, it's nice to have a part of it that I agree works nicely, because my stomach, waist and hips do not give me any real shape at all. 

Okay, so it's a hideous laugh and it's one that seems to run in the family (mortifying I know) but someone who does struggle with depression, for someone who without explanation feels sadness - I have laughter in my life, I'm able to enjoy the small things, I'm able to enjoy those moments even when I'm struggling and I love myself for that. I remember when I was in primary school and a boy told me I giggled at everything and for years that left me so self-conscious but fuck it, I laugh at things and I probably laugh too much but I like it, it makes me happy. 

It's been a rollercoaster couple of weeks, I've been struggling with feeling quite low and like I said my self esteem has taken a proper hit, so whilst I wish I could make this post a little longer I am going to end it here before I push myself a little too much just for a post. 

We all need to celebrate ourselves a little more, what do you like about yourself? 

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