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It's been three months since I started my lil' reading challenge, which is something I've spoken about wanting to do quite frequently but I've never really 'attempted' it. I got bored. I had other things going on. I needed to watch that tv show. Or quite simply I  didn't bother trying  

And It's easy to blame every other distraction on the planet and I know I ignored what was really  distracting me and switch my focus, I'd by the books and instead they're gather dust on my shelves instead. 

This time round I've been making more of an effort with it and finally I can see this paying off, yay! 

What I've been reading - See The Stars
What I've been reading - See The Stars

Towards the end of last year I finally got my butt in gear and got myself signed up to the library in Birmingham and for the first couple of months I was using this as an opportunity to teach myself in terms of future career posts - which was going well for a while and I really need to start using my free afternoons to head up there more. 

But now I'm signed up to the city library and the one more local to me and it's been working brilliantly for me - I'm on a time limit to read the books and I think that's helped pushed me through and for the first time in years I've already read more in these three months than I've done at any other time of year. 

It's been a s slow process but I've been taking a book into work with me and reading on my commute, sometimes heading into a coffee shop after shift and reading some more before my journey home and  I've learnt to switch off on an evening and spending between 10 minutes to an hour reading my latest choice, lucky it's come hand in hand with the small digital detox I've needed recently. 

What I've been reading - See The Stars

With so many blogging friends reading this book I was completely intrigued to see what this had in store and when I found it in my local library, I knew I couldn't walk away from it. The book follows the story of Tiffy and Leon who end up sharing a flat without meeting. Leon works nights and only needs the flat during the day, Tiffy needs somewhere to live the rest of the time and they make a deal. Originally I was confused how this would work as a story but it was so wholesome and sweet that I literally couldn't put the book down, the story follows both their lives and how they live 'together' and how their stories eventually intertwine, there's some hiccups and completely bombshells throughout but they made the end of the story all the more perfect for me. 

Right, so I'm not quite sure I can actually 'review' this book as well, I didn't get any further than 60 pages into the book. I'd picked this up after seeing it so highly recommended online and after two months of hiring it out from the library, I had to call it quits. While I understand the reasons for it being so raved about and I adored reading Matt Haig's notes on a nervous planet I just couldn't get into the story, maybe I'll try again in a few months time when I'm a little deeper into this reading challenge.

I'd been awaiting my opportunity to read these since seeing the book cover release from Amelia Mandeville a couple years ago, unfortunately from the off I found it really difficult to love this book and I really wanted too and with how determined I was to see it through, my mind was completely changed within the last 100 pages. I'd read it's been advertised as a love story but it really struggles with it, the story follows two young adults one with depression and the other who's high on life and wanting to live every moment at it's best - they are total opposites, Tristan reads as if he can't stand Zoe, yet eventually become inseparable. I'd really struggled to understand this duo and I had this really 'off' vibe about Zoe from the off, which by the end was discovered and I finished the book in floods of tears. I was left heartbroken by the ending, I just wish I loved the rest just as much. 

What I've been reading - See The Stars

Give me a medal please, It's a small achievement but I finished this book within four days. Granted it's possible due to the fact I also did a similar thing with Wilde Like Me the first book of this series. I find them such an easy read and I got so emotionally attached to the characters straight away, Wilde about the girl continues from the previous book and I instantly was reminded of the storylines and fell back in love with everyone all over again - one of my favourite, easy reads. 

I know, I know, it's only a small amount in comparison to some who are able to read double the amount in a smaller time but when I only read one book in 2019, this is a massive achievement, so yay! I've set up a highlights on my Instagram if you want to keep up to date with what I'm reading and mini reviews until I can share them on my blog. 

What shall I pick up next? 

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