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Mixed with the fact J and I started a podcast recently and me missing sharing more of my movie reviews online, I can't begin to describe how excited I am to bring them back to the blog. I've not yet decided how it'll work, especially with the podcast being a bi-weekly thing and us chatting mostly about the films we've been watching but it's been a hot minute since I've shared what I've been watching and forever since I shared another Disney post and I just couldn't resist today.  

So if you're a little Disney fan like me, I've got a fun post for ya today. 

What I've been watching - Disney edition - See The Stars
What I've been watching - Disney edition - See The Stars

Even I'd assume with me now working for Disney I'd have been getting so bored on the soundtracks being played on repeat and all the Disney magic in the air but shamefully, I'm still just as obsessed and noticed in fact I'm probably watching more and more than I did before. 

...I guess when you talk about the movies and characters 24/7 you're more inclined to watch them. 

What I've been watching - Disney edition - See The Stars
What I've been watching - Disney edition - See The Stars

Almost every year we have bigger and better Disney releases and whilst I think 2019 was probably one of the best for cinematic releases; Toy Story 4, Marvel: Avengers End Game and Frozen 2 and that's not included the other marvel releases and the other Disney classic remakes and Star Wars - so in comparison this year the *big* releases are just a little quite but omg, I'm so excited for Mulan & Onward this month. 

Josh and I are patiently awaiting the arrival of Disney+ but until then, fortunately for me I've got majority of the Disney collection at home, so I can just get myself stuck in as and when I want to so I've used the last couple of weeks to cheer myself up with these films... 

I'll be honest, when this was first released I was a little torn with my decision - I was so in awe with the film but also knew it would never live up to the expectations of the original and I don't think it was until this second viewing of it I truly made up my mind. And I loved it and even more loved Emily Blunt. Whilst it's still the same Mary Poppin's they've made it completely different, they've not tried to recreate Julie Andrews which was my original worry. 

Okay, so it's been a couple months since we watched this but I couldn't miss it out of my review today. Originally I was really worried about them releases a sequel to this film and was so sure it would be terrible but omg, how they proved me wrong! I believe frozen 2 is possibly still showing in some cinema's but don't quote me on that; but anyways, the general idea of this film? Obviously the story continues from the first film, exploring Elsa and her powers, where they originate from and why they're such an important part of who she is, Anna proves to be this strong woman and well Christoff & Sven are the cutest ever and Olaf, well he's still as hilarious. And to top it off, the animation and colours used in the creation improved massively and the songs were so so good. (Panic! At The Disco's version of 'Into The Unknown' will now forever be one of my fav's). 

When I originally watched this at the cinema I fell completely in love and blubbered at the ending, it was beautiful and I stand by this statement - just I didn't cry so much on the second viewing. Not only am I in love with the music, the animation and the colours, I adore the story behind it! The message about family and how important they are; the people still in your life and the ones you've said goodbye to, mama coco absolutely breaks my heart every time! I think the story behind this film is so close to my heart, we've lost family members to dementia and thinking that this animated family are dealing with the family just makes me so sad.

What I've been watching - Disney edition - See The Stars

I'm guessing we all know this classic by now, right? Lindsay Lohan playing twins which confused the life outta us when we were kids, right? It's been a while since I last watched this classic and after a particularly shit day I decided that it was the best fit to improve my day and it did exactly that. I must admit for a girl in my mid-twenties, I've got to stop wishing I went to camp as a kid and met my estranged twin sister...

I wish I had the answer to this but wreck it Ralph has such a special place in my heart, I'm in love. I think the first will always be my all time favourite and Vanellope will always always make me melt. I think the idea of these films combining retro arcade gaming with the modern day world, and even more so in Ralph wrecks the internet - watching them grasp the internet, which I think we're all doing aren't we. I adore the relationship between Ralph and Vanellope and the trouble they always seem to get into it. 

I'll admit for a girl who loves the princesses, this is my least watched film and not because I don't love it. I lurveee Tiana and how she's got such a passion for the life she wants to build for herself, how she knows what she wants and she's going to get it no matter what but I love how this then comes with a twist (so typical Disney though). Bringing back the fairytale of the princess and the frog and how kissing a frog you'll find Prince Charming - aside from the fact she instead also turns into a frog, a cute lil Disney film about passion, life and love. Solid 10/10 for me.

Oh my days, if you haven't had the chance of watching this you must, whenever you get the chance. This story follows two brothers who go on a quest to spend 24 hours with their dad whom they lost when they we're young kids. It's based in a wizard/normal world like place, it's brings real life and fantasy together and really shown the bond of the two brothers. Oh and seeing them spend that short time with their day is the most emotional thing to watch, so so heartbreaking but also so, beautiful.  
I tend to watch these films when J is at work or I've had a bad day and need a little pick me up; and if these films aren't for you, we talked about a variety of different films on our podcast which is available on Spotify, Anchor and you can follow us for more updates on Instagram. 

Sometimes when I'm struggling with my anxiety or I need to switch off a little, watching these films are the perfect solution - that and the fact that I'm spending majority of the days of the week talking with other people about these films and the characters, you kind of get hooked on watching film after film. And with Disney+ only a couple days away from release, this is even better. 

What films have you watched lately? What film do you recommend I watch next? 

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