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Like many others who create content online, I'm spending far too much time on my phone. 

Remember when apple first released the settings that you could check how many hours you'd spent on your phone (?) Ugh, well originally I was too nervous to check...and now it just haunts me with my weekly update, which I never asked for! 

Yeah, I know I spend far too much time on my phone but who cares? 

Whats on my phone: blogging edition - See The Stars
Whats on my phone: blogging edition - See The Stars

We've all got our reasons for spending our time on our phones, they connect us with friends and family, we've created a community online and ya know, you're still old school and play games on it. 

I spend a big majority of my time working through my social media pages to upload for this blog, I religiously use Instagram and twitter to update my blog, to share my posts and to connect with followers, brands and fellow bloggers and whilst to others it might look draining, I really enjoy it. I love creating the content I share with you, through all my accounts and I'm really thankful for all the support, so I want to share with you what apps I use on my phone and how it's helped boost my online content. 

Whats on my phone: blogging edition - See The Stars
Whats on my phone: blogging edition - See The Stars

I took a mental break from my blog in the last few years, whist I posted here and there I was never fully committed to the content I was creating, I stopped scheduling anything in advance, I rarely uploaded onto my social media accounts and I just couldn't be bothered. 

Thankfully in the last few months I'd like to think I've come back with quite a bang, I've moved past most of the hang ups I was feeling about my blog and the online community and I'm enjoying creating again and I've been really lucky to have so many people support me along the way. 

Previously being a 'blogger' was getting these perfect images, living a lifestyle and fitting in a box that I actually didn't suit and I put far too much pressure on myself and I'm really glad I've been able to come back and throw these worries away -  I follow some really amazing accounts and I've taken an inspiration from these and now work on making content that I knew I'd enjoy, rather than making things I think will get me my views and followers up and in a shock turn of events...I get more numbers now than I ever did before. 

I mean for someone who creates online content this ones pretty obvious, right? But I spend a good chunk of my day I end up flicking between Instagram, twitter and Facebook and you've guessed it I've recently downloaded TikTok too (not that I've uploaded anything to my account). Majority of my time is typically spent on Instagram, purely because photo sharing is my preferred choice of content to create. 

When it comes to my blogging, I have my diary, a little notebook and will plan my tweets ahead with Buffer, you can download the app onto your phone but I've always preferred to use the desktop version -  so instead I use my phone more to plan my instgram content! I regularly use UNUMM for my layouts which works best for me, where I know most people would also recommend planoly

Whats on my phone: blogging edition - See The Stars

The great thing about unum is once I've got my feed how I like it, I can actually upload my content via the app - making it a much easier process. But I also like to use a variety of different apps; especially when it comes to making a couple more creative posts - I use unfold and storyluxe typically to create and share my insta-stories but also they're great for creating fun photos which I've trying to uploading more regularly on my feed. Adding a pop of colour and such, ya know? 

For years I've been religiously using VSCO for my photos and this styling of editing really worked well for me - I swore by it if we're being completely honest and I'll always recommend it for people looking for a quick and easy editing app. However, after so many people have been raving about it, I've dipped my toes into Lightroom and have a couple presets downloaded and omg, they're great! I've mostly been using them for my photos to share via stories - just so for a quick way of editing before uploading. 

I've also been using apps like A Design Kit to edit, add stickers and create doodles on my photos - again just like using the previous apps; I use them to add a little more definition to my photos, give them a different set of colours to make them a little more fun. 

So this one is a little more of a touchy subject for me - I have two apps downloaded (tribe and takumi) on my phone which are meant to be a great way for us content creators to find more paid opportunities and well, actually I'm finding them a little bit useless at the moment. They either expect you to jump through hoops for the opportunities they're offering or they have really high following expectations, so I'm keeping them on my phone for those 'just incase' moments, I'll keep you posted if they work.

It may not look like much but I like to get some of my social media 'bits' updated, especially when I'm on the move so I rely on these apps and highly recommend all of the editing apps, some work better when you pay the price for a better service etc, but for the moment I'm sticking to the free versions.

Thanks to Speck for supplying me with a bunch of sturdy cases to keep my phone safe [and cute] with all the work I've been doing with it lately. I can't wait to show you more of the things I'm creating online lately and these are the perfect cases for me! 

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