20.4.20 Birmingham, UK

When lockdown was originally announced, I had a handful of small tasks and odd jobs that kept me busy - one of them included looking after J as he was experiencing co-vid19 symptoms. For those first few weeks I felt as if I was on auto-pilot, occupying my time with blog jobs, online courses for work and trying not to fill myself with too much worry with J's illness - thankfully he's better now and its one less worry, phew. Luckily it wasn't until the last week that I've felt that boredom settling in... 

See The Stars - Fav crafts that are keeping me busy in lockdown
See The Stars - Fav crafts that are keeping me busy in lockdown

You won't be surprised to hear I've been one of those people that's felt I've had to be productive every day of this quarantine and it really started to have a negative effect on my mental state. So this reminder if for both you and me : it's okay not being productive all the time.

In the last week I've tried to remind myself of this and take more time off than normal - we've found a structure to my routine, so I can break up my days (and separating my weeks and weekends too) and sometimes I just watch Grey's Anatomy all day, which is great.

One of the ways I'm trying to keep myself mentally busy without putting too much pressure on myself 'to work' is getting crafty. One of my favourite side hobbies has been to create things, I'm by no means perfect at any of the crafty tasks I start, but they're fun and keeps me busy and I love it. 

See The Stars - Fav crafts that are keeping me busy in lockdown
See The Stars - Fav crafts that are keeping me busy in lockdown

Personally, I find it so important to find ways of keeping my mind on something, rather than doing too much of nothing, and whilst I'd originally planned to spend the majority of this lockdown making my blog perfect, that just isn't always achievable, so I've found a fun few ways of keeping both my body and mind busy without that added pressure of it feeling like 'work'. 

I mean why else would you be reading this but, do you want to see what I've been up to? 

Okay, this one is a lil more out of the ordinary - but this is something I started doing last autumn before our trip to Disneyland Paris and omg it's been so much fun and one of those 'rewarding' crafts as I always thought it would be too difficult for me to ever do myself.  - I have far too many Disney ears in my house now, which means I'll eventually be selling these on etsy, which I'll announce on my instagram when everything is ready, so if you're interested keep ya eyes peeled. 

I'm not sure if it's from growing up in the time when photo albums were a big thing but one of my favourite ways of looking back at my memories is through albums, my mom had dug some out a couple days ago and I was instantly reminded of why I love them so much. Coincidently in that same day I dug out all my craft bits and found all my old project life pieces and whilst it wasn't on my plan, it's been a few years since I made an scrapbook album - so maybe I could put this lockdown to good use and finally get my 2020 album started. 

See The Stars - Fav crafts that are keeping me busy in lockdown

I know we're all dealing with the lack of contact with our friends at the moment and understandably, thankfully throughout lockdown I've been in constant contact with my pals, we've got diaries filled with ideas for when we're allowed to escape our homes and things begin to feel normal - but until them and with the help of Design Bundles one of the ways I'm going to share the love and keep spirits high is sending my friends postcards. 

You can use these both digital or printed - which means endless crafty possibilities really...I decided to create these online, which means I still have the option to send these as e-postcards too (y'know just incase we run out of ink). I created this card with the fall clipart, adding lil bits of fun into the image - and once I got started I just couldn't stop and added pieces from tree clipart and sunflower clipart bundles - I can only imagine these will also work brilliantly with my project life too and including them into my content I share on instagram too, perfect! 

If you're not already following me on instagram (pst, you totally should), I've been having so much fun sharing my content on the platform and having even more fun with playing around with instagram stories and I've been having more fun than I'd like to admit with finding peoples templates to fill out - I say give me another week of isolation and I'll have made a couple of my own... 
If I did? Which topics do you think I should cover? 

I think we've all got colouring books at this point and if you haven't some of my artistic pals have been making their own and offering them as free downloads, which is so cute! I'm the proud owner of a Disney colour book, which I actually dug mine out in the first week of lockdown and filled out two pages before leaving it to gather dust again - I spent far too much money making sure I had enough pens to keep me going too. In all honesty they've really helped me, especially when I'm feeling my most anxious - after a morning of blogging or working on a couple projects, I'll stick on Grey's Anatomy and have a lil colour. Maybe I'll get these back out again and attempt to finish my latest page.

Whilst it's a really weird time for us all at the moment and I'm eager for things to return back to normal, I'm actually really grateful for the extra free time and being able to throw myself into these new projects and just be creative and I'm sure when it's time to get back to work I'll be missing all these things.

Whats first on your crafting list? 


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