Let's be honest, I could spend the majority of lockdown in my pyjama's and whilst I'm actually jealous if you're able to do that - I'm finding that getting dressed each day (even if it's just into sweats) has been a real boost with my mental health and keeping my days feeling as normal as possible.  

See The Stars - stay at home outfit ideas

I'm spending most of my week-days working on my content, writing blog posts or just trying to get a little extra work through these platforms - which has been really fun and in some ways working in my favour. 

I've found a routine throughout the week, I tend to head into the spare room - which I've named my office and I create a to-do list for the rest of the day, J and I tend to have breakfast together once he's woken up and then the day is mine for creating content and getting dressed plays a massive part in keeping me motivated. 

Think of this as a what I wear in a week and a bundle of outfit ideas to help you feel both comfortable and ready to kick ass with whatever you decide to do with your day... 

See The Stars - stay at home outfit ideas


You might notice a theme throughout this post - and that's I have a bit of an obsession for patterns, something I often find difficult to style as I end up with an overflow of clashing designs, oops. One item I've struggled to style, whether it's because of the pattern or the colour, is this red skirt from Primark - luckily for me I also have an overflow of graphic tees in my wardrobe too, so adding a simple designed tee with these skirts has become one of my staple outfits. 

GRAPHIC TEE : Primark (similar) |  SKIRT : primark (similar) | SLIPPERS amazon

See The Stars - stay at home outfit ideas


Do you have those items that you just can't seem to part with? This dress and long tee both fall under this category of my wardrobe - they're both easily over 10 years old and I very rarely wear them or very rarely leave my house with them on, probably because they've become so tatty over time but they've become the ultimate lazy day attire, cosy and lightweight - so perfect for those summer days. 

DRESS : Topshop (similar) |  OVER THE SHOULDER TOP : primark (similar) 

See The Stars - stay at home outfit ideas


I know people have been loving lockdown purely for the items of clothing they no longer need to wear all the time, jeans being one of them - but I'm still trying to wear them as often as possible during the week and because some of my outfit choices wouldn't be complete without them. This outfit was basically an accidental success and I ain't complaining. These vintage mom jeans have been a fond fav of mine since I picked them up last winter (and thankfully still going strong) - I paired them with this tee I fell in love with last summer and until now was finding it difficult to find that perfect style for it. 

JEANS : Primark (similar) |  WHITE CUT OUT TEE : New Look (similar) 

See The Stars - stay at home outfit ideas


I'll admit, I found this outfit a little naff - whilst it was an easily thrown together and really comfortable, the imagine I had in my head for this outfit does not match whats on your screen. If you watched my instagram stories you may have seen my recent upset with how fashion and clothing companies only seem to create clothing for the smaller girl, and this red crop top is another of those items, so its been sitting in my wardrobe until recently when I found these high-waisted culottes in the charity shop and I'm beginning to remember why I'm on a body positive journey. 

CULOTTES: charity shop find (similar) |  CROPPED TEE : New Look (similar) 

See The Stars - stay at home outfit ideas


One of my favourite fashion choices at the moment has been the classic oversized graphic tee and whilst I've been searching online for the perfect find - my dad was offloading some pieces which I proceeded to steal for my own wardrobe and oh my life, am I happy about this. This ACDC tee has become one of my favourites to wear and I ain't sorry about that. 

JEANS: primark (similar) |  BAND TEE : dad's wardrobe (similar) 

See The Stars - stay at home outfit ideas


Even I know I'm a little too dressed up for quarantine life in this shot - but this was on a sunny Sunday and I'd ask J if we could use our daily exercise to get me some ootd shots in the park (with an entirely different outfit)...and as I proceeded to dislike everything in my wardrobe, this was the outcome. I needed something loose fitting and comfortable for the walk and instead looking a little bit too overdress to walk around the *slightly* overcrowded park. 

BUTTON UP SKIRT : New Look  (similar) |  ASTEC TEE : New Look 

See The Stars - stay at home outfit ideas


I ordered this cardigan at the beginning of April and I've refused to take it off since, I've matched it with every outfit possible, wearing it as the day gets cooler and okay, it's so comfy and I'm in love - okay. I wanted to make this a piece in my wardrobe that I could match with almost everything and even wearing it alone and it's perfect and doing exactly what I've wanted, for online £10 I ain't complaining. 

CARDIGAN : George @ Asda |  RIPPED JEANS : Primark (similar) 

And this is a realistic look at what I wore, just last week in fact....obviously when the weather was a little better and it wasn't too cold for pretty skirts and dresses, this week has involved more of the cardigan above and rotating all my oversized jumpers. 

I've not really brought into the idea of purchasing lounge-wear and there isn't any real reason behind it, but whilst I'm limited on my lounge items I've really enjoyed using this time to experiment with my fashion choices, going out of my comfort zone and thinking outside the box a little - I think I've probably made some questionable choices but so far so good. 

Whilst I've been shopping my own wardrobe for all these looks, I hope that this has given you some inspiration for those days when you want to get dressed up, even when you're spending the day binge watching greys anatomy.

Are you all about the lounge-wear or are you still wearing your jeans as often as possible?


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