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For the sake of my bank balance and to cut down on shopping spends in general, I'm trying to be more aware of fashion pieces, stopped buying things for the sake of it and trying the trend of shopping my stash, so to speak. 

One way I've found this successful is knowing that I can use the same piece for multiple outfit choices, being able to create a variety of different looks by using the same piece, and for the first time in my blogging life, I'm *attempting* a styling post, I know, me, little miss has no fashion-sense and omg the nerves for this. 

Styling a Jumper dress with Femme Luxe - See The Stars
Styling a Jumper dress with Femme Luxe - See The Stars

I'll be honest I've always tried to follow fashion trends, always kept my eyes on the next big things but over the years I'm not sure if it was due to thinking I didn't suit the trends, being uncomfortable with my body, lack of funds or pure laziness...actually the list for these excuses is endless but point  I'm making is, I've tried to follow fashion trends and failed miserably. 

Although this makes me question how I've been able to create so many 'fashion' posts recently? But I actually think that's more down to the fact I'm more comfortable with not being *fashionable* and enjoying what I wear anyways. 

Styling a Jumper dress with Femme Luxe - See The Stars
Styling a Jumper dress with Femme Luxe - See The Stars

One of the things I've always been jealous of seeing people wear is the jumper dress trends. As you can see from the series of photos in this post, I have short legs with wrinkly knees, my curves are all in the wrong places and I just didn't get how they'd work for me, so when femme luxe sent this over dress over, it gave me a chance to experiment. 

And guys, I'm obsessed. I've changed the neck line a little to make it more comfortable for myself, the belt helps give my body more shape and of course I picked this in black (goth vibes fo'life) as it doesn't limit my wear from it, I'm able to mix and match with a variety of different styles, materials and colours. 

You usually like to keep the suspense and save the best outfit til' last but I just couldn't, I actually love this way of styling so so much. Realistically it's so simple and maybe to some, so boring but I've been after a jacket similar to this and when I picked this up from the charity shop for £2.99 (!?!!) I knew exactly how it would work, what I love most is I can work this with the trainers, again a charity shop find at £5 or I can dress this up, with some knee high boots or some pretty little heels and with the indecisive summer approaching, it's good way to dress for all weather situations. 

OUTFIT: DRESS : Femme Luxe |  BAG: Charity Shop (similar) | SHOES: Schuh

Lets thank my momma for these boots; I'd say thank her for letting me borrow them but she was at work and I simple stole them. Now, momma smurph likes to pair her shoes and bags in the same colour and I rarely agree with it so she'll be pleased to know that I have finally caved to this idea. With the dress being all black, I wanted to find ways of adding pops of colour into the outfit and the only colourful bag I own is this lilac one and I love they're such small details in the shoes and the bag but that small amount of colour completely changes the style.

OUTFIT: DRESS : Femme Luxe |  BAG: New Look (similar) | SHOES: Amazon (similar) 

Ah, now this one seems more like me, most of the time my plan is to look cute without too much effort and I think we've nailed it here. I've kept things fairy simple, not adding any extra details and letting the outfit do it's thang. When you already have quite the selection of black clothing this kind of styling comes naturally. 

OUTFIT: DRESS : Femme Luxe |  JACKET: Forever 21 (similar) | SHOES: Schuh 

Styling a Jumper dress with Femme Luxe - See The Stars

Whilst the jumper dress is actually a thick cotton material, something similar to the oversized hoodies I usually pick up in the mens section; I'm not limited to just making this item of clothing a loungewear. The potential is endless, creating simple everyday looks and also being able to experiment and find ways to style this for date days, cocktail evenings and nights out. 

In a bid to lower my spends I am really excited to experiment with more pieces similar to this; mix and matching things in my wardrobe and saying goodbye to that stress of only being able to wear a piece of clothing once before it lives in the back of the wardrobe forever.  

Should I share more styling posts with you? Maybe attempt some IGTV's with them? 
What fashion trends should I be checking out for this coming season?  

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