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I want to start with addressing the fact that I'm in a really lucky position that J & I are currently living together...actually we have been for the majority of our relationship - something I was against doing so soon, until it kind of fell into our laps. 

See The Stars - the truth about our relationship in lockdown
See The Stars - the truth about our relationship in lockdown

Luckily for us we've been doing this for a little over a year, we're used to each others little quirks and have gotten better than we'd like to admit at ignoring each others and our annoyances - but everything feels a little different now we've quite literally been confined to the same four walls 24/7. 

Realistically we're trying to make things feel as normal as possible, I've been using this time to my advantage and spending time together which we'd normally loose out on during our working weeks, thankfully we've been making the most of our days, heading out for short walks, sitting at the dinner table together for each meal and having our evenings together, we'll cook together, typically watching a film together and surprisingly we've only argued a handful of time. 

See The Stars - the truth about our relationship in lockdown

I applaud anyone continuing to date throughout the pandemic whether it's date night at home or virtually dating through the Birmingham dating site and the Fife dating site - I wanted to make some lighthearted fun about the situation were all in and share some home truths about being quarantined together and hopefully you'll get a  giggle out of us... 

∙ BEING THEIR NURSE ISN'T SEXY - There's something about playing doctor and nurses that  the film industry love to romanticise, and let me tell you - it ain't true. J showed symptoms of co-vid19 in the last week of March and was ill for two weeks - in that time also took a trip to the hospital in the early hours of the morning, it was a really difficult time for him. We were all very worried about whether he's contracted the virus or not, I was trying my very best to look after him whilst trying to convince myself that this was just a really bad cold - so yes, believe me when I say, the films lie (or in-fact the carry on films...), they make out that playing nurse is this lil kink thing and let me tell you, this was not that. 

Thankfully J has made a full recovery and we're actually very unsure on what he had for those two weeks, either was he was a trooper! 

STAR FISHING IN BED IS SHIT - During this time I was also kicked out my own bedroom, for my own safety yeah (I know, I know but I'm a drama queen let me finish). So obviously I was demoted to the box room and at first I was buzzin', being able to watch my own TV and stay awake for as long as I wanted - it wasn't until the reality of the situation hit that I realised how having my own space for two weeks was actually the worst. I never thought I'd cry over the fact that I wanted to share a bed with my boyfriend (who hogs all the space), but here we are. 

See The Stars - the truth about our relationship in lockdown

FIRST ONE TO WAKE UP MAKES THE CUPPAS - ugh and it's always me. This has been routine for us since the start, if you're going to work early or you're simply the first awake - its rule to make that first cuppa. But with us being furloughed at the moment, J sleeps in til gone 10am and I'm awake anytime after 7am - so ya girl always ends up taking him a cuppa in bed. I'd attempt to beat him but me and sleep have never been on good terms and sleeping in is never much of an option. 

WE ACTUALLY NEED TIME AWAY FROM EACH OTHER - I'm an introvert, of course I need my space and after a while it begins to show. My mood changes, I'm argumentative and probably not a nice person to be around - that or I just begin to cry. Whilst we've got a really good system for spending as much time together as possible, we've also been able to find a way of spending time away from each other too - we're both creative people and have our own projects we want to work on, so get the spare room (which I've turned into my lil office) and J gets our bedroom and we regroup around 6pm each evening, perfect. 

WE'RE TRYING OUR BEST - One thing I've noticed from this is that we're all just trying to survive this period in our life, it's weird and it's shit but we're lucky to be with each other and I'm glad for that. J makes me laugh everyday, he's annoys me more than anyone I know but I don't think this lockdown biz would've been half as manageable if he wasn't here. 

We're planning to have a lil date night in the next week, we're going to order food and get alcohol and pretend we're in the cosiest cocktail bar imaginable and I'm really looking forward to it. Whilst we've been spending our evenings together, it's been forever since our last date night and I miss it. I miss being drunk together and talk absolute nonsense, so pass me the wine - let's have a date night at home.. 

How are you coping? Are you in lockdown together? How are you making the most of this time together? 


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