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Oo this post is making me nervous. Quick disclaimer; I don't think I know everything (or anything on this subject matter...) and in all honesty I'm still getting to grips with the idea of a more sustainable living, but I thought it would be good to write a post at the beginning of this journey to see how I develop over the year.  

Right, so I've sort of, kind of, made a vow to myself that I'd work towards being a little more sustainable this year and oh my life, it's a big challenge. 

See The Stars - Leading a sustainable lifestyle
See The Stars - Leading a sustainable lifestyle
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Being as this is such a big difference to my lifestyle, I'll be doing what I can as and when rather than instantly making a massive change to everything I do. This way I'll be getting to know the changes in my daily routine before moving onto the next thing. 

It's weird how military I make it sound but hear me out, when you make so many changes within your lifestyle you're less likely to stick to them and things get a little out of hand, well for me anyways. Oh and I'm not delusional to the fact that I won't be making mistakes; because that's expected, who doesn't make em? I'm just hoping that going bit by bit with my changes, will in-fact make the whole transition a little easier.  

See The Stars - Leading a sustainable lifestyle

So I've complied a list of things which I *think* will help me lead a more sustainable lifestyle, some are already in motion and some were just coincidences which are working in favour of this whole thing and others might be a slower process for me. 

Although this one is already in motion, this one can be tricky at times and something I've noticed from other people online is the lack of inclusiveness, for certain shapes and sizes being able to shop regularly at the charity shops is proving quite difficult and being a size 14 gal it occasionally can feel little bit more difficult to find pieces that fit me well. There's a a couple of high streets near my home, a couple of my friends love a good charity shop - so I tend to head to the shops maybe once every one - two weeks and just check out what's available, sometimes we're successful and other times, nope. 

Since running out of cotton pads and micellar water last September, I've actually be using reusable cloths when removing my makeup - they work brilliantly with hot water and it's been a simple switch on my routine but I can't help but think I want to do a little more.  I've got a couple of skin care and makeup products which I'm hoping to use up soon and be more aware of a company's ethics and sustainability - being more aware of being able to recycle products, whether they're cruelty free and so on; this is something that I won't be doing straight away purely because of the amount I've still got to get through, but this allows time to research and choose the best products for me. 

My friend Becky has a cruelty free, plastic free cosmetics website and I've been following her journey on Stript for a while - so thankfully I'm already on the right track of finding products suited to my needs. 

This kind of comes hand in hand with my beauty products - and just being more aware of the products I'm buying and the ethics behind the companies. Whilst I haven't yet been able to go completely plastic free, I am being more conscious of what I'm buying and how the products and packaging can be thrown out...I'll keep you updated on this one. 

See The Stars - Leading a sustainable lifestyle

Right, so that accidental thing? It was the library, in an attempt to get some inspiration to become more sustainable, I came across a blog post that suggested loaning more books out at the library will be helping, at the end of 2019 I finally renewed my memberships within two local councils and I've been hiring out books more regularly rather than buying too many - this was partially to save money and reduce the amount of books I don't have space for. This works hand in hand with my challenge to read 10 books this year which because of the time limit when loaning books out - I'm getting through them so well. 
Ah another one which will take some time; J and I both limit our dairy use reguarly, sometimes switching to alternative milks or just cutting out the food products from our meals (J is obviously doing better at this than I am) but I'd want to find a way of making this work for me but me and my fussy eating patterns might struggle with this. 

One of best things about this journey is finding accounts and bloggers online who are sharing their journey's, not only is it inspiring to me but it's also teaching me more about how to lead this sustainable lifestyle. I follow the majority of them through a variety of platforms, but due to the ease of it I find myself on their instagram accounts more often than not - if you're considered starting this journey too, here's a few I highly recommend - @slowstylediary - @amyleighcraigg - @striptcosmetics. But again, I'll share a more updated list the more I follow. 

Andddd that's it! Like I said, I'm no expert and I'm not trying to be, I just thought it would be nice to share with you some of the things I want to change in at attempt to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, some small changes and others are going to be quite the challenge but in the hopes of helping myself and the planet - I don't mind too much. 

Have I missed anything out? Any suggestions and recommendations to make this an easier process? 

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