Something I've not done in quite some time is update the essentials in my makeup bag, and I know that sounds nasty af, believe me it really isn't as bad as it sounds.
The truth is I've become so bored with my routine with my everyday makeup, that I've stopped being interested in trying new products and anything thats an necessity in my makeup bag, I've been repurchasing old favourites or some cases just skipping a step entirely (goodbye primer and powders cba for you). 

See The Stars - Updating my makeup bag
See The Stars - Updating my makeup bag

Especially during the recent pandemic I'm barely wearing makeup, let alone testing out new products or trying to redevelop my skill set but when Crown Beauty sent me some of their newest products, I knew it was about time I dusted myself off.

Obviously restocking my whole makeup collection is going to be a little more difficult when you can't leave the house and there's an online queue of over an hour just to browse on Boots, so I'm going to work with what I've got. I've got enough base makeup to get me through and a whole drawer filled with a variety of eyeshadow palettes and after spending hours on TikTok I think I have enough inspiration to create something new.

As already mentioned my overflowing stash of eyeshadows, only I would then add more to that collection with the 10 colour temptation eyeshadowsif you've been following me on my makeup journey you'll know that I'm only adding more red and browns into my collection, so unnecessary but omg, so worth it. These colours are some of my absolute favourites and as much as I love my shades from the these palettes, I'm always looking for that perfect shade. 

See The Stars - Updating my makeup bag

Mostly I'm trying to discover that perfect formula for these shades, whilst I've found my favourite shades - I'm still struggling to find the right formula, I'm finding that it actually doesn't matter what brand I'm working with, I'm looking at you morphe, I can't find a brand that gives off the best pigmentation and doesn't loose colour or finish when blended, and unfortunately these shades also require a build up to get that perfect coverage.

To match the eyeshadow palette I picked up, I also ordered the vegan eyeshadow brush set (which seems to have disappeared of the website) and I'm a sucker for a new brush to test out, especially blending brushes - I've used my previous crown brush to it's death and need to replace it soon. I'm obsessed with the range available within this little set (omg, which comes in a lil pouch too). They look gorgeous with their matt finish and rose gold metals, the hairs are super soft but they feel super study in terms of use, I'm actually quite excited to make these a permanent fixture in my everyday routine. 

See The Stars - Updating my makeup bag
See The Stars - Updating my makeup bag

Finally, I got my hands on the setting spray the last one I'd purchased was the makeup revolution sport spray and granted it did the job for the £5 price tag, I've always been intrigued to see how others work - keeping on eye on this is very tough as I'm an avid face toucher and I definitely need to kick that habit before I can give a fair review however so far, this works wonders better than the others, I've tested. Actually, J got me got me the urban decay all nighter spray, so it might be a good time to put all three of them to the test - I'll report back to ya.

I'm hoping that getting back into my makeup routines I'll eventually be able to reintroduce more beauty into my blog and whilst I've got all this free time throughout April, I'm very much looking forward to sharing with you what happens.

You can also keep up with the journey via my instagram as I'm a little more active with my stories! 

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