I know travelling has been a bit of a strange subject during the current situation but I've been thinking about our next travel plans - how ever distanced they may be, it's been a fun distraction and a coping mechanism to get me through lockdown. 

See The Stars - Whats on my Disney travel bucket list
See The Stars - Whats on my Disney travel bucket list

And whilst being in isolation, I've not been working (obvs) but that's meant I've had a little less Disney magic in my life and I never thought I'd see the day when I was missing work, but here we are... 

I've already shared my other travel plans and together with J we have such a long list of places we're desperate to revisit or experience together, but whilst I'm more than happy with these destinations, I've always dreamed of seeing more of the Disney destinations, and my Disney related posts seem to be quite popular with you. 

I've been lucky enough to experience Disneyland Paris a number of times, however travelling over to the states and seeing the original Disneyland has been on my bucket list since, god the mid 90's - so believe me, a Disney trip is a long time coming for this girl, okay? 

...So in an attempt to give myself a that Disney joy, I've complied a list of all the Disney plans I've been wanting to tick off said bucket list. 


This might sound lame, but imma say it anyways - I've actually been dreaming of visiting Walt Disney World in Florida since I was a kid and the opportunity had never arrived, lack of funds, travel anxiety and a long list of other excuses. Surprisingly though, I think J is one board for this trip, probably because there's other so many other attractions around (hello, universal) but this could finally be something we do in the near future (or, three years), but here's some of the top attraction bits I'm desperate to see. 


∙ CHARACTER MEETS - I met Chip & Dale in DLP back in '15 and never felt the urge for character meets on my last couple of trips, but it all seems a little more magical over in Florida. 

∙ BE OUR GUEST RESTAURANT - In all of our trips to DLP I'm yet to book a table at any of the special dining restaurants, so getting to experience that at one of the most well known restaurants is an absolute must. 

∙ SPLASH MOUNTAIN - It's a water ride, right? And on that note I'm sold, I haven't done too much research into this but it's always somehow found itself as a must-do on my list. 

∙ JOURNEY OF THE LITTLE MERMAID - Actually this comes hand in hand with Peter Pan's flight both are story-book rides, so nice and simple yet, the most beautiful rides. 

∙ SPACE MOUNTAIN - One of my all-time favourite rides of DLP, I'm making it my own personal mission to experience this ride at all the parks. 

∙ BIG THUNDER MOUNTAIN RAILROAD - My only experience of Big thunder mountain has been on our first trip to DLP in 2003(?) and it's either been closed, broken down or just too busy to ride on my next few trips - so why not save the ride and experience it - bigger and better at WDW, right?  


∙ TWILIGHT ZONE TOWER OF TERROR - the ultimate fav ride and no one can change my mind, again similar to space mountain, it's just a must to experience this at all the parks - see whether the storylines are any different, so excited. 

∙ ROCK N ROLLER COASTER - This has now closed at DLP , which breaks my heart and it wasn't until creating this post did I realise it was still open in Florida, I bloody miss this ride so first on the agenda when we book our trip. 

∙ TOY STORY LAND - my least favourite of the Pixar films (I'm sorry, don't judge me) but the parks just knock it out the park (ha) with this theme. It's so bright and colour and really captures the fun from these movies and mate, I just love the attention to detail of these areas. 

∙ STAR WARS: GALAXY'S EDGE - the newest attraction in Hollywood Studios and one we're both  desperate to see, I've spent more hours than I'd like to admit checking out peoples instagrams and watching YouTube videos of people's trips and omg it looks bloody amazing. 


I'll be honest I don't know much about what epcot offers but when watching vlogs and watching the imagineering story - I've been desperate to find out a little more about what this part of WDW has to offer... 

∙SPACESHIP EARTH - I mean most of all, I just want to see this in all it's glory, I didn't even realise it was a ride, so that's now on the list. While it looks pretty slow moving, I think I just want to wait in that queue to say I've experienced it, nah, I don't care if that's lame?!
∙WORLD SHOWCASE - I've always been intrigued by this as a whole, getting to visit little snippets of countries across the world all in one place and I'm weird fascinated to see what England part of Epcot looks like... 

Obviously being able to see Florida as a whole is chapter in itself on my bucket list, so cutting these down to just a few things was more difficult than I'd like to admit.

See The Stars - Whats on my Disney travel bucket list


Again, like Epcot, I knew this existed but I never really took much notice and it wasn't until I was 21 and watching the shaytard daily vlogs (ah, anyone else remember those days?) did I really take noticed of Anaheim, but before all Disney fans come at me for not taking note of the original Disney park, I've always had this argument with myself - I'm sorry. 

Now I'm desperate to see this park in all it's glory... 

∙ MAIN STREET U.S.A - Whilst I wouldn't be surprised that each park showcases Main Street the same way, I think it's one of my favourite aspects in DLP that I'd love to see how it's portrayed amongst the other resorts, and to be honest there's nothing like being in the middle of main street that really makes you feel like you've come home, am I right?

∙MICKEY'S TOONTOWN - I remember watching house of mouse and all the other Disney cartoons as a kid that features this town (I think?), but to be honest I'd just really love to wonder round and see Minnie & Mickey's homes, how cute really! 


Right, so I knew this existed but I didn't realise it was a theme park in itself...so actually I don't know what or where I thought it park was. Again, when watching the imagineering story; I learnt so much about this park and have been a little bit desperate since to book a flight to Cali. 

∙ CARS LAND - If you're already noticed a theme here a lot of this knowledge about the parks has come from watching Imagineering Story, and I'm so glad we watched this docu-series...now I was never really the demographic for cars but I love it all the same, two of my 4 trips to DLP we've stayed at Santa Fe and the soundtrack makes me feel warm, so discovering they have a land where I can experience this cool little world for myself. 

∙ PIXAR PIER - There's something about that ferris wheel that I've always wanted to see and that's all. 


∙ Since finding so much joy from the Paris has me so intrigued to see as many different Disney parks and to experience that joy time and time again; whilst China hasn't always been on the top of my list to travel - but I'm starting to believe I'd really be missing out if I don't include this on my bucket list. 

∙ I believe a lot of the this park is majority similar to the other parks, but I'd just love to experience it all for myself. 

Oh wow, this turned into a bit of a lengthy post didn't it. Being able to visit all the Disney sites is one of my biggest travel dreams - I know it's totally boring and unnecessary to some, but I know many of y'all will agree with me here, so let's just pretend for a while that this will someday become a reality. 

Which Disney resort is at the top of your travel wish-list? Is there anything I've missed that you think I need to see? Let me know... 

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