How are you coping with the changes to our lifestyles? Are you working from home? Has work been furloughed? ...more importantly, how are you? 

See The Stars - Why I'm okay with the new normal
See The Stars - Why I'm okay with the new normal

As a country we're in lockdown and in our household, we've just been through an almost four week isolation period and we're slowly introducing ourselves to the new normal outside of our four walls. Leaving the house for short walks and shopping for essentials and let me tell you, after so many weeks of having only our back garden for leisure and having to wait on family members to do our shopping, we're quite excited to do the small things for ourselves.

See The Stars - Why I'm okay with the new normal

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I work in retail and our store has been closed since mid March, which coincided with 10 days I'd booked off from work and even though all of my plans for that time off were quickly cancelled when lockdown was announced on my birthday. it wasn't until the first week in April the lack of work kicked in and I'm slowly realising how much things are changing for us all. 

The thing I've noticed over this time is how okay I am with all this, whilst it's restricting being told you can't leave your house - I'm okay with it. I'm coping well and I'm quite content spending more and more time at home, obviously four adults in one under one roof, we all need a break from each other from time to time, but it's okay. 

Due to a low hours at work, I've already been spending a huge chunk of my time, since February in fact, at home. I've already spent several weeks before the outbreak, stressing about the lack of work I was getting and in the long run the lack of money I would be receiving, so I'd gotten quite used to this part of our new reality before the pandemic even reached the UK. And actually I think that's prepared me quite well for what we've been facing, my anxiety levels have been lower and I've been finding different ways of keeping myself occupied. 

See The Stars - Why I'm okay with the new normal
See The Stars - Why I'm okay with the new normal

Thankfully a couple weeks before this began, I finally cleared out the spare room in our house and made the room a space for my computer and my photography bits, which has been a huge factor in kicking my ass into gear and working more on my blog content - and thankfully it's working wonders for me.

Although blogging is no-where near a job for me, having this space means I've been able to give myself *work from home* vibes, I wake up in the morning, get showered and dressed (applying makeup is still more of a chore) and head into my lil 'office' and work. I take photos for future posts, I plan for the weeks ahead and I try and get as much organised as possible - while I'm finding the motivation more of a struggle than I normally would, it's really helped give me a sense of normality.

...Now if I could just find some more paid opportunities with my blog, I'd kind of be living my dream over here.

Our world is far from perfect right now and very worrying to most, but I've found a routine in what's happening and I'm quite proud of myself for coping as well as I am. But that's not to say I've been productive every day, in fact I've so much of my time in lockdown watching Grey's Anatomy, eating and generally lounging around, everything I do depends on how I wake up that day, will I work? or will I do fuck all? Who knows, but yay for whatever I achieve.

How are you coping? Have you found a routine or are you taking everyday as it comes?

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