Woah, we've certainly been on a self improvement journey with my blog this year haven't we. If you're new to group, hello, welcome and thanks for joining us and for those who have been with me since the cringe-worthy beginnings, I applaud you. Thanks for sticking around. 

Personally I've loved sharing a little more behind the scenes and some insights to my blogging journey over the last couple months and I'm really hoping they've been beneficial, even if it's just for one person. 

Throughout 2020, I've been putting every bit of my energy into this corner of the internet - so focused it's quite possibly the other thing I talk about at the moment, sorry J. But with that being said, I think it's beginning to pay off so, sorry not sorry babe. 

I've been following tips and tricks, reading e-books and spending hours scrolling through pinterest for inspiration, and whilst this has massively helped in terms of branding, SEO and getting my blog back on track with it's views, followers and overall analytics, I really want to make my blog as unique as possible. A little more me

I don't think you're every going to find a blog that doesn't compliment someone else's, whether it's styling is similar, the website design you've purchased or even the topics you speak about - I think in some ways you'll always find another blogger doing something similar, even by a tiny margin, and actually I don't think that's a terrible thing. As much as we'd all love to be the only one to talk about x, y and z. We won't, and that's okay - so instead I'm celebrating the fact that I have so many other bloggers who inspire me on the daily but work on the ways I can make my blog more matched to my personality, because that, that's definitely unique. 

I recently purchased my website design from Berenica Designs and honestly, it's perfect for me. A simple design, an easy to navigate layout and really allows me to express who I am and what my blogging is through my photography rather than being overshadows by the websites design. That being said, one thing I want to eventually work on in terms of my website's branding is my blog's header. 

Finding a blog with an eye-catching website design and header; is something that helps me remember that specific blog and head back to them time and time again. Whilst I know you can find designers and pay for that service from others; being able to express yourself through that title image, you have such freedom to put your own spin on things! Sites alternative to font space and other design websites have a wide variety of free fonts available to find one that fits perfectly. 

I always tried my best to 'fit the criteria' of being a blogger back in the day, getting those all white backgrounds, buying books that everyone was reading only to use them as props and buying makeup products and other unnecessary purchases just to make myself look the part. 

Although I don't recommend buying things just to be liked; these have become very helpful in terms of my photographs and flat-lays. I have a box of 'props' in my bedroom and then find a selection of my favourite products, pictures and little nick-naks which I think place into my images. Whilst I don't create the most picturesque images, I've found a way of using these littles details and letting my personality shine through there too. I've started to have more fun with the props I use in my flat-lays, I've started to be a little more creative with the style photos I take and I've even begun using apps on my phone to add little doodles and stickers onto my images and for the first time in a long time, my blog finally feels like me - a little bit like everyone else but a little bit quirky too. 

And I guess the last thing I can really suggest to make your blog more unique to you, is your writing style. Find a style that works for you, I've been told time and time again how my writing style is so informal but personal and people come back to me for that vibe - I mean technically you're all getting an insight to a very (public) personal diary.

Getting yourself started in the blogging industry can be really daunting, but go into it with your stronger assets (yourself). There's lots to learn along the way, and a lot of it I'm still learning about now, but I believe if you're being yourself throughout you'll accomplish it all.

Are you new to blogging? Are you starting out again? What makes your blog unique? 


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