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I've been in the blogging game for a while now, seven years in fact, and there's no denying that it's taken some time for me to feel comfortable with my blog or even calling myself a 'blogger'. 

See The Stars - how I've grown confident when blogging

See The Stars was my safe haven back in 2013, no one in my 'real life' knew that this website even existed and it took several years until I didn't blush when someone admitted they'd been reading it. 

Actually, it wasn't until this last year that I finally thought fuck it and in fact feel proud of the content I share online. It's been a long journey, which is nowhere near complete but I thought I'd talk about my new found confidence. 

Don't worry this isn't a how-do kind of blog post, purely because every person is different - we all react differently to situations and actually I don't think I've met another blogger who had the exact same concerns and worries that I have (near enough, but not quite). Instead today's post is going to be a ramblings post about why I've changed my mind-set and how over the years I'm not the same shy 20 year old who started blogging instead of writing her university assignments... 

See the stars - how I've grown confident when blogging

Need a lil boost in blog confidence? Well, luckily here's a couple points I believe have helped me along the way... 

CREATING CONTENT I'M HAPPY WITH - I mean this should be a given anyways, but when I originally started blogging, all my posts were makeup and beauty related and truth be told when I started out, beauty wasn't actually my forte (still isn't, tbh) and actually whilst teaching myself makeup along with the glad me a huge amount of joy, I was creating these posts because I thought it was what I want meant to write about and in the end, and realistically I was nervous to share these posts. Now I spend more time writing about my life, what we get up to or how I'm feeling - sure that's sometimes a lil embarrassing but least I'm talking about things that are real and honest and at the end of the day seem way more successful and it makes me so happy. 

KNOWING I HAVE SOME CONTROL OF WHO SEES MY CONTENT - okay, so maybe I don't have 100% control of this but I include my blog link on all my other social media channels and share my content quite regularly on both Instagram and twitter, but I've made those decisions and I try to stay aware (as I possibly can) of the people who follow me on these platforms. I make the conscious decisions how I share my content and in fact avoid sharing via Facebook just because I know the audience on that platform and I'd be happier with them not having that same access - if they find my instagram fair game but until thank you. 

BEING SELF-AWARE - I think this is actually more of a personality trait more so than anything else and also connected to my original point, but I don't make out I know everything about anything because I know for a fact I don't. Every post usually begins with this statement - quick disclaimer: I don't know all the facts for what I'm about to share... My biggest issue with the blogging world is sharing a post and typing as I know everything there is to know about this one topic because I'm not that invested in any one thing to share my content like I'm genius at it - for example, I recently wrote a post about trying to lead a more sustainable lifestyle and omg, I'm actually clueless but I like to believe that shows throughout my writing. Similar to how I've been blogging for several years or the fact that I'm quite proud of my photography - I'm happy to share a quick glimpse into how I achieve the things I do and how I make blogging work for me, but I'm always self-aware that I'm possibly missing a million factors or I'm not even giving the correct information - simple sharing what works for me. 

HAVE FUN WITH IT - I don't think there's much else I can say with this, but I guess a combination of all these points results in my blog being a happy place for me and at the end of the day I bloody love it and I guess that's the end goal really isn't it. I guess over time I've stopped taking myself too seriously and enjoying my blog for what it is - my own personal diary. I share so much of my personal life on here, I put so much creative thinking into this website that I no longer want to feel ashamed with it and instead feel quite confident when I talk about it with other people. 

That probably wasn't the help you were initially looking for but I hope over time you're able to recognise these points to be exactly what you needed. Over the time I've been blogging I've been able to find a routine that works best for me, I've worked so bloody hard for this blog to be what it is now and I continue to work on it and if I don't have the confidence in it then, I probably should've stopped a long time ago. 

The best part of this is that I think people recognise how happy I am with my blog and it's starting to show - I have family and friends who are constantly supporting what I write online, I have them helping in any way they can - even when they means a lil help with my grammar and any silly spelling mistakes (thanks bro!) but eventually all this love and support has boosted those self-doubts and I believe in myself a hell of a lot more than I did several years ago. 

So thank you for contributing to the confidence boost over the years, you're all superstars and you're helping me continue my personal passion and it makes me so happy! 

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