Oh boy, it's been a long time coming but I finally feel as though I'm in a position to say how happy I am with my blog, and yay this feels like a revelation - so of course, I'm sharing these good vibes with you, sorry not sorry. 

You may not have been reading my blog for long, or you've been a long time reader (hi mom!) but you're all aware that I've been doing this thang for a little over  seven years now and boy, we've had a love/hate relationship for a really long time. 

If you're an avid reader, you're probably bored of me banging on about this by now - but I'm excited, so pft leave me be. 

I spent the best part of three years trying to convince myself not to pack in this side project and even-though 2020 has already proven to be a shit storm in so many ways, the return of my blog has been quite rewarding. 

Just like my insta growth in the last 6 months, I'm clueless as to how it's actually happened but I ain't complaining. There must be something in the air, because I've not felt this good about my blog in years - literally I've not felt this happy and confident about my blog since 2016.  Honestly that must've been the last time I felt that my blog was thriving, that my corner of the internet was growing and I loving it - everything in between then and now just felt like a battle and omg, am I glad I've finally pushed through those feelings. 

Personally a lot of this has come from the realisation that without my blog, I was really struggling to stay motivated. Whilst I'm very aware I can find different ways of creating and sharing content, this has been my lil baby - and as fun as it is to create for instagram, I don't want to make that my only platform - so it's next to use the two as a mix, using them together or creating separate content. Having them both as my creative outlets has been a massive boost in my mental state recently. 

When talking about our new normal, I went into a little more detail about why I've been pushing myself a little more creatively and I don't think I can properly describe this sense of achievement I've been feeling recently and I'm really hoping this just continues over the rest of this year - please! 

During my time furloughed from work, I've managed to find a really good routine in terms of my blog - I've learn so much about improving my content and how to increase my blog views (including using Pinterest more often too) and a couple other tips and tricks. So if you want a post about the small changes I've been making, let me know. 

I'm actually not too sure what the point of this post actually is, maybe it's for my own personal use when I'm next ready to throw in the towel or I'm hoping that this in some way keeps someone else inspired - either way, I'm a happy lil peach. 

I know blogging took a dip over the years for many people, how's yours been during this time? Were you still inspired or are you just getting that inspiration back? 

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