Quite frankly, the world sucks right now. There's so much going on, and while so much of it is out of our control, there's a lot of pressure on our shoulders to follow guidelines & work towards the world going back to normal and honestly, at times I'm filled with so much worry, so when MoonPig gave me a break from reality for the evening, you better believe it was bloody wonderful. 

Spreading Joy with MoonPig - See The Stars
Spreading Joy with MoonPig - See The Stars
Spreading Joy with MoonPig - See The Stars
Spreading Joy with MoonPig - See The Stars

It all started with some really fun deliveries including this beautiful bouquet of The Luxury Rose & Peony - fun fact; for a year during my degree I'd spend my Monday evening's with a lady who would teach me sewing & flower arranging in the hopes to become her apprentice, so when these arrived my memory from this time came flooding back to me - and the pressure was on to make sure I didn't kill them before the event the following evening. 

Oh trust me, it wasn't the only fun delivery as not too long after a whole bunch of cocktail equipment arrived from mix and twist and then my bar tending days came flooding back to me too (but that was in a nightclub, so a little less pressure on my shoulders). 

With all this in my hands, I was super eager to see what moonpig had in store for this event... 


The reason for this event was to showcase the new mobile app that moonpig have launched, and guys  if you're anything like me; you'll find this an absolutely game changer, and life saver. 

I'm definitely that friend that doesn't forget your birthday but just forgets the cards instead...and I honestly believe I've lost friendships due to my forgetfulness, but with the app and my iphone calendar, I'll be able to calibrate the two, set my 'push notifications' and I'll never forget - or at least we'd hoped. 

I've always been aware moonpig and it's ability to create more personal greetings cards and it wasn't until this event that I was able to really see it first hand; not only do they offer designs for your average occasions, they offer 10,000+ cards and a wide variety of different occasions too - like lockdown! Who'd have thought we'd need a card for a pandemic but hey, whatever works to cheer our pals up! 

I really enjoyed searching through the app, checking out all the designs and seeing even the simplest ways of making things more personal to my needs; including sending them as e-cards or multiple sized physical cards - which fyi when using the app, you can use the camera and see a visual of the cards sizing! Oh, Oh anddddd your progress is saved along the way, you can add your own images and you can scan in your own handwritten messages so you've still got that personal touch. Ah, I love it all so much. 

A note to all my friends; please expect moonpig cards for any future occasions, sorry not sorry!? 

Spreading Joy with MoonPig - See The Stars
Spreading Joy with MoonPig - See The Stars
Spreading Joy with MoonPig - See The Stars

I was so overjoyed when I was originally invited to this event, 1) I haven't been to an event in years and it was a nice reminder that this part of being an 'influencer' still happens, and 2) It's so fun to see how it was going to come together  - spoiler alert; I think this was one of the best events I've attended.  


After our demonstration from the Jasper, it was time for our cocktail making masterclass with James from mix & twist - which I quickly realised trying to do in my box bedroom was going to prove tricky, but we managed, just about... 

With the help of James, we created three different gin cocktails: 


My favourite part about it all was the fact surprising fact that every cocktail included gin, yet each one had such a difference in flavour - amazing! The elderflower collins was my favourite of the three and I've been finding any excuse to put my cocktail making skills to the test ever since. 

Oh, and you won't be surprised to find out how desperate I was to use the just eat voucher that moonpig had provided by the time I'd finished drinking these - omg, so good. 


Once we were a few cocktails in, it was time for the flower arranging - I may have already mentioned how worried I was about doing the flower arranging - only because I was petrified of doing a bad job. 

Thankfully for anyone who orders these flowers (for loved ones or yourself) they come with a little booklet about how to prep & present your flowers - but some of the tips I gathered from the event; 

definitely use the flower food (or find other alternatives online); 
∙cut your flowers at a diagonal and remove any leaves that will touch the water.
∙think 50% vase 50% flowers when finding the best vase for your bouquet. 
∙clean the water & rinse the flowers daily if you don't have the flower food.   

I don't really think I can impart wisdom when it comes to flower arranging, I mean go wild and enjoy the creativity in putting the flowers, colours and textures together, make them suit your personality and enjoy it. 

Spreading Joy with MoonPig - See The Stars

It was such a honour to be involved in Moonpig's first virtual event and to witness it be so successful filled me with joy. 

As already mentioned I'm the worst person for sending cards; I have very little excuse for this - it's probably just I take after my dad rather than my mom who's super organised with sending out a card for every occasion, however with the help of the event and getting that hands on experience with how the app works, how simple it is and how they offer delivery of a variety of gifts and flower's, my unorganised life might just get a little shaped up. 

Thanks for having me along Moonpig, it was such a fun evening and I can't wait to make my first order; with both J's birthday and Fathers Day approaching, I'll be sure to get my use out of the app.

Are you already using moonpig? Will you be using it for future occassions? 


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