Oh, erm, well, this is probably a little sore to share this post considering the current pandemic -  however I wrote this back in 2019 and failed to upload it and ya girl needs to share some content. But when we're back to living life as normal, I really can't wait to get back into my travel planning.... 

Ten year ago I used to spend my evenings dreaming of the days I could escape Birmingham, even planning a solo trip to America at 18 yrs old but the day my teenage dreams of Camp America were crushed (yep, still traumatised)...well, I guess from that day, I'd convinced myself I'd never really get to do much travelling. At that age all I really wanted was to see the bright lights of NYC, head down to Disney & Universal in Florida and head over to the painted ladies in San Fransisco...the list is pretty endless and I generally just wanted to travel across the USA to see what was on offer. So the day someone made that dream feel impossible I eventually cut if off.

I mean the desire to go is very much still alive 9 years down the line, due to lack of funds etc, etc, it still feels pretty impossible at the moment. 

I became disinterested with it all, didn't do as much research and eventually stopped saving towards it all and on top of that started to deal with my anxiety and flare ups when just thinking about getting away.  It wasn't until 2017 when I took a solo trip to Scotland that I felt like I was able to achieve all these plans again. 

We started off small with visiting more of our own country, one of my favourite trips of 2019 was our time in Bristol. 

Obviously USA has always been an unrealistic dream, something thats now in the pipeline...it's just not something I'm holding my breath to see happen any time soon. But I'm excited for it all again, it doesn't fill with me nerves like it would've five years ago, I'm putting more money aside for these opportunities and actually saying yes to more! 

Realistically I'm not sure what's made this drastic change in me; but I bloody love jumping on a train/plane/whatever form of transport and getting to see different parts of the country and even the world, I think because I started it off with someone familiar to me and only really went away with people I completely trusted; over time I've found that I'm not completely nervous about it al. Obviously I still worry when it comes to booking time off work and to actually booking it, you know incase of reasons out of my control and I loose out on all the money I've put towards a holiday but all that aside, I find the travelling part fairly easy now - I'm not scared of new surroundings, instead I embrace it all.  

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I really love that I've been able to see more of the world in the last few years and fully embrace all these ideas and finally tick off my bucket list. 

Not only is this a post on why I'm excited to travel again; but also a little snapshot into the places I'd really love to visit...obviously if money wasn't an object and all that, etc, etc.

I mean, are we even surprised? It's quite possible this has been on my wish-list in forever? Every couple of months I'll check out pricing and just see if it's anymore possible...This year has been the closest I've been to booking a trip - British Airways came through with some great offers, it's just I've decided to book *yet another* trip to Disneyland Paris....well, it's J's first visit SO it's acceptable, okay? 

It's a fairly popular place isn't it!? And that's possibly what's peaked my interest, I hear so many people speak highly about their experience in Amsterdam, that I think I just want to see what all the fuss it about. Personally I'd really like to go for the history and all the museums around, take some pretty pictures on the *many* bridges with the most gorgeous buildings in the background - oh and just check out that lifestyle, y'know? 

Honestly I couldn't decide if Venice or Rome was on the top of my list...so I'm just going to overall this with Italy. Personally it's not somewhere I've been desperate to see but I can't understand why, my parents went to Rome a couple years ago and loved it (and the pictures were beautiful too), my mom visited another part of Italy on a girls holiday and one of my friends from college goes their regularly - so I'm beginning to wonder what I'm missing! 

I'd never really out much thought into Copenhagen but I've spotted a fair few bloggers and youtubers have been on their travels to this part of the country...and yes maybe I am just following suit, the stories that have been shared and the more I read into the place, it sounds bloody wonderful. One of the landmarks that makes Copenhagen so popular with tourists is the little mermaid statue and whilst I've heard it's quite underwhelming, I guess I still want to see it and the surroundings areas too! 

I've purposely not narrowed down which Disney park I'd like to visit first...obviously Disneyland Paris holds a special place in my heart and was the first one I took J to visit BUT after that, where do we go? Disney World and seeing everything that Florida has to offer has been on my wish-list since I was 8 years old, but over the years the more research I've done, the more I've been watching youtube vlogs ... California is also becoming a big interest of mine. I mean hopefully over the years I'm able to visit each park, so let's just hope that dream becomes my reality.  

But I'm so bloody proud of myself for the trip we've been on just last year alone! And I'm so gutted of the trips we've had to cancel this year already but we're constantly in talks about the places we could visit over time, constantly pricing up new places and being so close to booking flights before we even consider whether we could actually go or not. 

Obviously seeing new places is amazing and I'm so glad I've managed to find this travel bug in the last couple of years. I'm much more comfortable when travelling, I don't experience the same fears anymore, I still have a minor freak out but other than that, I feel at ease with it all and I'm just so excited to travel more now! 

Where are your dream destinations?

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