So we've been in lockdown for approximately 3462 days and the more I think about it, the more afraid I am of my first interaction with another human, I've even been avoiding our daily walks and hiding away most days of the week. 

But what I am comfortable with?...Is creating my content at home and I'd like to believe I'm doing it quite successfully too. 

Creating content at home - See The Stars
Creating content at home - See The Stars

The weirdest part of all this is that - I think I've been doing the 'at home' content for majority of my blogging years. Realistically I've only been branching out with my content & trying to be more creative in the last year, but there's still so much comfort with the stay at home creativity...something I can only describe as similar to a comfort blanket, ya know. 

Truth be told, I've been spending more time than I'd like to admit scrolling pinterest and instagram and I think I've fallen in love. Thankfully my creativity is benefiting from this new found obsession and I've been creating content every day of the week...hmm maybe not every day, but shh, we're pretending I've got my shit together, okay? 
Creating content at home - See The Stars

You're probably all bored of me mentioning this but I've been trying to improve my blog game since the beginning of the year, and using pinterest has been top of the list when it comes to improvements, do you know how successful pinterest can be for your website(??) No, nor me, not until recently and I'm pissed I haven't used it sooner. And whilst I've been using to share my posts, trying to boost my numbers etc, what I'd failed to do until lockdown, was to use and enjoy pinterest for it's original purpose - plus you'll be amazed by the amount of inspo and ideas you'll find... actually, you probably already knew that didn't you, oops. 

Much to my surprise, it's amazing how pinning to boards has kept me inspired and motivated lately, one thing I do have to remember is the fact that my photography won't replicate the inspiration; and instead enjoy the creativity and putting my own touch on the images.

I need to update my list as I've found some amazing account just since lockdown alone, but you can see a whole list of my favourites in this post, here but what I love most about Instagram is the variety and the different creatives I follow.

However, I've noticed the shift in following more fashion accounts over the years and as a blogger, fashion was something I'd always wanted to dip my toes into and until late last year, I didn't have the courage to do. What I love most about the accounts I follow is the way everyone is inspired by each other, trends begin and accounts are shared so positively on this platform and sometime I think I follow less for the clothes and more for the creativity and the person behind the account  - so if you're looking for that same inspiration, here's some of my favourites... 

Let's be realistic, I'm not a home or interior account, yet I'm kind of obsessed with them lately and I think if you've got the space and you're looking at sharing something different online, it's the perfect mix. Not only sharing your home, but also using that space as a variety of places to take other content too. Honestly, home and design is always a winner in my books - if you share it on your socials already, leave your links below as I'd loveeee to have a peek through.
Creating content at home - See The StarsFLATLAY. 
Seriously I used to get so worked up, cry and throw so many tantrums over my flat-lay photography skills ('lack of') and now; you wouldn't believe the compliments I receive. I believe it's what they call a glow up! Although it seems most creatives have departed with the blogging classic, there's something I find so satisfying about getting those perfect shots and that being said when looking for 'at home' content inspiration, I don't think you can go wrong some ol' school flat-lay's.

Ps. I am trying in the process of planning a post about how I take my flat lay's but until then, here's some of my favourite shoots I've taken this year...

Creating content at home - See The Stars

To be honest, I'm so late to the party with this post that you're probably all smashing this content already, so proud of ya if you are! 

Honestly, I'm in awe and completely amazed by the content everyones been sharing recently, whilst we feel confined to our households, everyone is taking this opportunity to constantly create and think out the box and wow, I love it so much. 

I've been writing this post during a week when I've felt so unmotivated with my photography content, so I know I'll be referring to this myself whenever I need that little boost - also make sure you're following me on pinterest for more pin boards and ideas... 

Send over your favourite photography ideas, I'd love to see what inspires you! 

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