Lets be honest, for someone who claims to be beauty blogger, I'm terrible when it comes to my beauty routine. It hasn't been until lockdown and having more time on my hands that I've been able to take that extra time and give myself a little extra self-care.

Current beauty favourites - see the stars blog
Current beauty favourites - see the stars blog

Realistically my routine is far from perfect and I'm still purchasing products that a teenager tends to use and I hate spending too much money of beauty products, just for them to gather dust in the drawers (looking at you old blogging habits, oops) but I've found products that work for me and I'm not ready to part with them yet, okay? 

I'm handling lockdown surprisingly well, and I honestly think it's been due to the fact I've been able to divide my time to things a little better and my beauty routine has been beneficial. I've spent a lot less time looking after myself up until now, my hair is in a terrible state (and needs the help of a professional), I barely took any time when it came to my shower times and even my makeup routine was lacklustre. 

Come to think of it, I believe a lot of this is down to my mental health and not giving myself those basics care can sometimes be a telling sign. Lockdown has really helped me, take that extra five minutes to pop on a hair mask, apply some fake tan and experiment with my makeup again - and for that I'm grateful. 

Personally I've found spending this extra time on myself, getting dressed in the morning and popping on some makeup helps me on a daily basis through this crazy period of life. 

Current beauty favourites - see the stars blog
Current beauty favourites - see the stars blog

SLEEPY BODY LOTION & SHOWER GEL - my brother got the sleepy gift set at Christmas (?) and it's taken some time to make the most of these products and now there's no going back. Usually the lavender scent is something I steer clear from, but over the years have noticed people using lavender sprays on the evenings & it being beneficial for sleep; means I often shower on the evenings and apply the body lotion in the hopes that it'll help keep that calming scent around me. 

PALMER COCOA BUTTER GRADUAL TAN - finding the perfect fake tan has always been top priority for me, but due to sheer laziness I always give up the search. Until, somehow, some day I discovered the palmer cocoa butter gradual tan, realistically I to be stricter on my upkeep but I'm yet to have any problems with this tan, I'm able to apply full coverage and it's rare I get streaky and let's be honest I love a gradual tan because who has time to wait around to apply, shower and get ready...  

PMD CLEAN - I discuss my skin care routine a couple of times, so just a heads up! First of all, I need to mention how shocking it really is, and when pmd beauty sent me the clean device, I basically did f'all - I'd use micellar water to remove my makeup and that was that. I now used a handful of products while I'm easing myself into a new routine and to finish off I've started using the facial wash and the pmd clean, I can't promise I'm using the product correctly but I'm my face feels so much more refreshed and that vibrations of the device also relax me before bed. 

JUSTICE DETANGLER SPRAY -  I'll be honest, I don't know if this was just a regular thing anyways or a lockdown thing but my hair gets really knotted real quick, that first brush of the day takes so much energy and can sometimes hurt, so when justice hair sent me over some care products, I was thrilled this was part of the package. Just like everything else I'm trying to make this part of a more solid routine, but I'm trying to remember each morning to pop this on before brushing my hair - like remembering to brush my hair isn't already a task as it is. 

JUSTICE SMOOTH & GROOM - I've already mentioned how my hair is in a terrible condition and this happened long before lockdown even entered the equation, unfortunately my lack of funds has meant that getting my hair professionally looked after on the regular hasn't been possible, but thankfully along with the detangler spray, I've also got this smooth and groom and treatment mask but of which I'm using during & after my shower - my hair is still getting used to the products but omg, it feels so soft. 

Current beauty favourites - see the stars blog

NEUTROGENA EXFOLIATOR AND  FACIAL WASH  - Right, you've seen, you've heard, I'm new to the skin care routine and I've found two product that work best for me. I've found using the exfoliator works as an exfoliator and removes my makeup too, there's something I find refreshing about a face scrub so this is fab. I've paired this up with the facial wash which I use with the pmd clean, I found that this combination cleanses my faces, removes any excess scrub and the grapefruit scent just gives me that really refreshing feeling. 

UBRAN DECAY ALL NIGHTER - You know those products that you've always wanted to try but could never afford, well say hello to all nighter. J gave me this for my 27th birthday (which also was the first day of lockdown), so while I'm yet to have the opportunity to give it the full trial - I'm obsessed. 

MISS DIOR - aw, so this was my birthday present earlier this year and I think what I like most about this is the reintroduction to high end products into my life. You may have noticed how I've not been overly interested in brand names over the years but having this at hand is a nice lil touch. The scent is perfect too; a sweet yet subtle tone which was a perfect treat for a birthday that officially welcomed me to my late 20's. 

OTHER FRAGRANCES - Harriet recently got in touch and sent over some samples of some designer inspired fragrances and they've been a good lil boost in my fragrance catalogue - also J has a allergy towards sprays so these handy little sample bottles means I can apply these scents without upsetting his nose, ha. 

Ironically I've written and shared this post in the middle of the laziest couple of week during lockdown, I've spent the week in comfortable clothes (y'know during the summer & winter weathers we've experienced this weekend), I'm yet to wash my hair and I've had a makeup free week and whilst I love these beauty pieces - I also love this time to give my skin that time to breathe and do it's own thing. 

I'm overdue an *online* order of some new makeup pieces, be sure to send over any new releases, any recommendations and be sure to return for a review of all those pieces... 

Sarah x 

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