How to Plan a Weekend Staycation

Vacations are getting more expensive and less attainable than ever- so many Americans are turning to staycations instead.  Giving yourself the feeling, and fun, of a vacation without having to spend thousands or travel is a pretty compelling idea.

The execution can be risky, though.  Here are some ways to prepare and spend your staycation without just spending the whole weekend on the couch.

See the Stars - how to plan a weekend staycation


It may sound weird to think about sightseeing in your hometown, but every city has its views and beauty to take in.  Whether you're enjoying the mountain views in Tucson, or taking in the beautiful architecture and classic homes while hunting for Atlanta houses for sale- every city has a picture that will leave you breathless.

If you're by the oceans or near open plains, take in the beauty your area has to offer.


Many locals judge tourists when they come to town- and avoid tourist destinations on instinct because of it.  This line of thought can be a huge mistake because you're missing out on a lot that your area has to offer.  Enjoy historic districts, many of which offer ghost walks and tours- or go to amusement parks or rides that you'd usually avoid.  This one can be a more expensive option since no tourist trap is typically free- but budget for this ahead of time and plan out what you're going to do.

If you’re not sure what tourist traps are hot in your area, look it up online!  Almost every town in America has a tourism website.


You don't have to eat at the most expensive restaurants, or order in, to have a nice meal.  Cook a meal with whoever you're spending the staycation with, and have a picnic together.  This picnic can be in your backyard or in a park that you see often but never actually get to enjoy.  Some gardens and arboretums that are free to visit even allow you to picnic there as long as you thoroughly clean up after yourselves.


Take a vacation from social media, get offline, and live in the moment.  Focus on the world around you, instead of screens.  If you’re aching for some entertainment, go to a drive-in theater (they’re making a comeback!), or see if a local theater is putting on a show.  Give yourself the chance to reset entirely from your online life.


Take a class!  It can be online, or in person- or you could even watch some how-to Youtube videos- but learn a new skill.  The best options are cooking, painting, or doing something with your hands. Getting something new can be rewarding and can make your brain work in ways it didn't before.  You don't have to study hard or treat it like college, but let yourself enjoy the learning process.  After all, if you're taking up a cooking class, you're at least guaranteed something tasty to enjoy afterward.

The most important thing is that you enjoy yourself.  Instead of working, or just being a homebody, this is your time to cut loose and relax.

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