Note to self : Just because I write a post about something doesn't mean I'll actually complete it, doh. 

When I set myself the challenge of reading more in 2020, I was so determined. I wouldn't call it a plan per-say but I had a 'plan'. I mean, how hard could it be to read 10(!) books in 365 days, ha you guessed it - harder than I'd imagined. 

The biggest obstacle when it comes to reading, isn't the reading itself but instead the 'finding time' - yep, even during lockdown when I've had all the time in the world, I find myself choosing to watch that next episode of grey's anatomy or scrolling through my instagram feed instead of switching off and completing even just one chapter of my book. 

The beginning of May I found myself struggling with the idea of meeting certain expectations in order to be seen as a person worth following online, I worried about the content I was creating and sharing, self-doubt hit me hard and I found myself trying to find my own creativity through other people's uploads and no surprised this spiralled in to a couple days with my old pal depression, yay... 

I guess you're wondering what this has to do with my reading challenge? Ah fear not, I'm making the connection, don't you worry. 

Originally the plan for reading more this year, was down to feeling like I was loosing that 'academic' side of myself, I no longer chose to read a book in my spare time and I was beginning to feel a bit daft for it.

In the first three months of the year I was feeling quite successful, I was reading my books on my journeys to and from work, I was taking trips to the local library and expanding my book collection without it being a hit on my bank account and I was getting through certain books within a matter of days. 

I'd picked up a bunch of books just before lockdown was announced and was determined to spend more time reading, oh how naive I was. 

As lockdown has progressed I have noticed the decline of my mental health and I've noticed how much the internet has played a massive part in that, whilst I don't want to switch off completely (I'm trying to make some dollar over here...), I've come to the decision that I'll be switching off more regularly, even for just an hour a day. 

And in doing so, I might finally make my way through my reading list instead of binge watching the next season of Grey's Anatomy on amazon prime...

You may have noticed that I'm struggling to make my way through the books to actually share the next instalment of what i've been readinginstead it might be an idea to share with you what's on my reading list. 

(thankfully the library have automatically renewed all my book until mid-june, so luckily I'm not worried about a huge fine when this is over..)

I've been working my way through this book since mid-april(?), it's been a slow process but, also inspired this post. Truth be told, I'm having such a love/hate relationship with this book, I've been taking so many positive points and it's really helped me develop more of an understanding of my creativity and how I should take more care of it...I'm just finding it such a slow read and find that I'm forcing myself to read just a couple page. 

When the hygee hype first landed on the internet I tried to steer clear of falling into it, but whether I wanted to admit it or not, I was always a intrigued how it all worked. On a trip to the library back in March I found this within the fiction section and wondered whether I could learn more about the Danish way of living, I'll keep you posted whether it meets my expectations. 

I don't know about you, but I've always been a huge Lauren Graham fan, my Gilmore Girl binge watching days are no-where near over and I'll always choose my annual re-runs when I'm in need of a little pick me up. When Lauren released talking as fast as I can, back in 2016 (?) I'd picked up the book and it's been gathering dust ever since, I think it's finally time to read through her personal essay about Gilmore girls, parenthood and everything in between.  

I must admit I'm a sucker for trashy romance novels and I have high hopes for this one. From reading the synopsis, it's appears to be one of those what if novels and those stories just grab me in, I often find myself wondering what would've happened if one event in my life had gone different, the what ifs? And I must admit, I absolutely love these kind of love stories. 

This is a recent purchase after the Black Lives Matter movement that's been all over our feeds for the last couple weeks, whilst the movement is still very much something we need to focus on  - I was intrigued to see what the fuss was about with everyone purchasing this book, and when I found it for £4.50 at Tesco, I couldn't resist. I've recently joined The Uncool Club and joined in on the facebook groups book club, so hopefully I'll be able to share my thoughts with you soon! 

Unfortunately, these have been waiting a while to be picked up and original thoughts may have a completely different outcome when I've finally worked my way through them.

Keep an eye out for what i've been reading and hopefully my thoughts on these books will have made the next post... 

What's a must read I need to add to my list? 

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