I've always been the *disney fan* in any of my friendship groups, the girl with all the answers and has watched all the films a million times over, and when I got my job at disney everyone thought it was perfect for me. 

And in a weird turn of events, I don't actually consider myself as big a fan as everyone else thinks (trust me, working in the store really makes you question your own knowledge). And when thinking about my love for the company, I realised I've been mentally collecting together some of my favourite small shops and thought it's about time I share them with you. 

See The Stars - Small Disney Shops
See The Stars - Small Disney Shops

At the beginning of this year I'd made the decision to be more sustainable, and one of my choices includes being more conscious with my shopping decisions and one of the small ways I do this is through shopping small. Although I've had a couple of slip up in terms of 'fast fashion' and I'm still getting my head round some of my *bigger* lifestyle changes, this is one way I can make help. Be it a small way, but helps all the same. 

That being said, for the majority of this year I've been trying to put more money into smaller businesses, helping out friends or helping brands that deserve more recognition, and along the way I've found more than I bargained for. 

If you're yet to delve into the world of the *online Disney community* - I think you're in for a shock of what you might find, let me tell you, that world is huge! So much in fact, I've only hit the surface in terms of finding this list for you. So if you'd be interested in my constantly updating this list, let me know.  

small disney shops - see the stars
Small Disney Shops - See The Stars

Fortunately for me, I've been fairly active online for a number of years and in that time I've been building up a list of creators and shops without even realising it and I'm so glad I have been. 

Not only have I found some wonderful stores to constantly support but over the years I've witnessed these *one man bands* grow into the amazing brand they are now. Creating some wonderful pieces that have been massively loved by the Disney community. Seeing their products tagged in fellow followers posts, watching their creations being shared online and seeing these products in the heart of the Disney magic (y'know...the parks?) 

- just a heads up, anyone looking to make a purchase with these websites & accounts I've shared, just double check their turn over times and reopening times as majority of these are ran by just one person and either close to catch up on orders or run on a 6-12 week turn over period - 

Like I said, I've been watching the world of Disney creators from afar for quite some time and now's the perfect opportunity to hype them up. So here it is, *24* small Disney shops you need to order from. 

Small Disney Shops - See The Stars

Small Disney Shops

Whether you're a Disney fanatic, looking for cute bits and pieces or searching for the perfect gift for a loved one, I know you'll find some absolute gems through this post.

And if you're unable to support brands via sales, know that with every follow, like and share of their brand you're helping them massively. 

As already mentioned many of these stores close for a period of time before taking orders again - to catch up on previous orders etc, etc and whilst I've link their websites, please find their social media accounts and follow for any updates on reopening or more information on how ordering works with them.

Who's your favourite? I can't wait for my next Disney trip and I can *finally* make a couple orders with these sites! 

{ps. The Minnie ears I've included throughout this post have been made by yours truly, I'm hoping to put them on Etsy at some point soon - but if you have any suggestions or anything you'd like to see me sell, let me know and I'll add it to my list} 

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