Imagine this, movie montage, working from home, on my dream career. See it? Nah nor me.

And as much as I wish this was a post dedicated to how i've been working from home the last couple of months, I thought I'd share with you how we've turned our 'spare bedroom' into my 'blogging workspace' and, oh my god, I'm biased but isn't it pretty...

See The Stars - Office Space Makeup | blogger room tour
See The Stars - Office Space Makeup | blogger room tour
See The Stars - Office Space Makeup | blogger room tour

This feels a little bittersweet to be writing about my blogging space; as just a couple weeks back I was seriously considering quitting my blog, and although the jury is still out on that decision I'm so grateful that I've got this little corner of the house to reside in when I do feel like writing my lil heart out. 

All blogging doubts aside - a post for a later date, if you're interest? The spare bedroom has finally had a makeover, the room was previously my brothers when we initially moved into this house and became my bedroom when I moved back a couple summers ago. So it's fair to say this little box room at mom and dad's house has seen some stories... 

We made the decision earlier this year to tidy up this room and to give me a little extra space to work on my blogging and with everything happening we'd not really found the time to do anything - until lockdown. It's not perfect but I love having this space. 

See The Stars - Office Space Makeup | blogger room tour
See The Stars - Office Space Makeup | blogger room tour
See The Stars - Office Space Makeup | blogger room tour

Like most lockdown = furloughed, I'd been out of work from March 14th til June 15th and during that time I needed something to keep my brain occupied, and whilst I'm currently having a crisis with my decision to continue my blog and it's platforms, for those 3 months blogging was my ultimate go-to. 

I found a routine that worked well for me, working a similar schedule to a Mon-Friday 9-5 office job, I'd get dressed, grab myself a coffee and spend my day at my new set up - and thanks to Viking Direct I've been able to extend my desk space and *finally* make the room feel complete and guys, I'm in love. 

We've still got the room set up as a bedroom, y'know incase we ever have overnight visitors (which has never happened) - but I've definitely made this an additional *me* room in the house and it's nice to have a place to come and hide out, lol introvert life. Last year we moved my computer and desk into this room anyways as J moved in and my bedroom couldn't hold all my belongings anymore and since then I've been chipping away at getting this space for my 'office' - over time I've continued to add little details into the room - including bits of artwork and my Minnie ears, clearing out some storage space, and once we'd added the bookshelf, this room suddenly felt like a *proper* working space and I'm so grateful for it...

See The Stars - Office Space Makeup | blogger room tour
See The Stars - Office Space Makeup | blogger room tour

Now I've got the room in relatively *good* working order, it's now top of my list to get everything a little more organised - like any basic blogger my desk drawer is filled with notebooks and my 2020 diary, which I use every week/everyday to organise the week ahead.

I've added the letter sorter onto my bookshelf for any urgent letters or blog related bits and I've started to hold my disney ears in the matching letter tray - the ears fyi, I'm hoping to sell on etsy but there's a bit of backstage faff atm, so if you're interested - I'll be announcing any news on instagram. Truth be told, this room has come together perfectly, from a space I thought would take so much work has become the best working space I've had in a long time - although I do miss a day of writing in a coffee shop! 

Whilst it's not been essential for me to work from home during lockdown, I'm so grateful I've now got this working space for all my side-projects I've been doing, trust me jumping between blogging, digital marketing courses and training as a digital marketer with a small business, this desk set up and my incessant need to become a more organised person has made my lockdown life much easier. 

How have you been coping in lockdown? Have you continued working or are you still furloughed? 

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