With life slowly easing into the new normal, we've decided to take small steps into easing ourselves back into socialising and other fun things in life. This last week we ventured out to our local pub for a couple bevs and some proper good grub. 

When lockdown first began I was overjoyed with the idea of switching off from reality, took advantage of staying at home, enjoying a slower life and in-turn it was a great thing for my mental well-being, oh and my bank balance too. Perfect all round really. 

But overtime I started to miss the small things in life; seeing my second family each week, casually nipping to the shops and something as trivial as missing the atmosphere in the pubs. 

Although in my early 20's I was an advocate for weekend booze ups and hitting the clubs every Saturday night. As I'm reaching my late 20's, I've settled down from that lifestyle. Hangovers last days rather than hours, my anxiety doesn't like the crowds and I'd rather be in bed with a cuppa at 10pm - so heading out for a quick pint and some food (usually mid-week because a crowded bar gets a no from me). 

Fortunately with lockdown easing and non-essentials slowly reopening, we got our first taste of that  last week, I was overjoyed. Who knew that 2020 was the year we'd take simple things like a trip to the pub for granted! 

Where to eat in birmingham - sarahlaublogs
Where to eat in birmingham - sarahlaublogs

I completely understand that not everyone is ready delve back into life after lockdown just yet and honestly I don't blame you, my experiences so far have been very hit and miss.

But if you're unfamiliar to the content I share over here; during last summer I tested the waters with sharing more about the local area and what's available in our second city. And to make it easier for anyone living close  want to compile a list of the best places to eat in and around Birmingham. 

One of the best things about Birmingham is the fact that you've got everything at your finger tips; from the Michelin Star restaurants, independently owned venues and every chain restaurants too. Fun fact: my brother was actually a chef in some of those Michelin star restaurants over the years and because of that I should have more experience with them - but alas I don't. 

That being said, I have reviewed all my previous date night posts, checked out venues I've not tried myself and complied together a new list of the *best* restaurant's we all need to try in Birmingham... 

We'll start with the one that inspired the blog post and the first one I experienced post lockdown. The Dog is must-do local for anyone who lives near Bearwood. Although the cosy & quaint pub vibes mixed with their excellent meals has me believing this is an independent pub - it's actually part of the Embers Inn chains but completely blows me away every time. The staff are always accommodating, treat you like they've always known you and the overall vibe is perfect any day of the week and even over the weekends it's a place I'll happily visit. 

We found Wildwood hidden within office building and coffee shops on New Street about a year ago and I've loved it ever since, it's a place so many will walk past on their way to work, you almost don't realise it exists. It's a very modern Italian restaurant, plenty of cocktails available and the gold elements of it's decor is right up my street. Perfect for date nights or the calm vibe when meeting with a friend you haven't seen in months, yep Charlotte I'm thinking of you! 

Keeping in theme with the Italian foods - J booked us a table at Laghis Deli, last year for my birthday and it was wonderful, the restaurant shows a more authentic atmosphere to Italian dining and almost gives you the feel of being in the little of a Italian village - perfect for someone like me who's yet to visit the beautiful country. 

Where to eat in Birmingham - sarahlaublogs
Where to eat in Birmingham - sarahlaublogs
Where to eat in Birmingham - sarahlaublogs

Taking a complete jump from the previous restaurants because I couldn't write this post without mentioning one of my favourite independent restaurants deep in the heart of the city centre. If you've never seen this venue in the flesh it's because it's quite literally hidden in the structure of the Moor Street train line. It's linked to the Kilder bar which is well known for it's independently sold ciders and ales - drinks and food are honestly some of my favourites. 

Again quite similar to OPM, bonehead is independently ran and known for it's chicken dishes - trust me the bonehead burger & waffles are on my mind more often than I'd like to admit. If you're yet to test out their menu, check out their social media accounts and you'll be drooling instantly, I might book myself a table after work one day and having myself a little self-care date night for one - sorry J. 

Call me lame, but I'd always wished I was the type of person who's spend their saturday nights drinking in the bars of the Jewellery Quarter and whilst over the years I've dipped my toes into these kind of evenings, we all know I have a little bit of Digbeth and Broadstreet in my too. What can I say, I like the mix? That being said, when I spent an evening in the Jewellery Quarter at the beginning of the year we spent the evening eating and drinking a very relaxed menu and some proper pub grub at the button factory before moving on to the proper pub vibes in the Rose Villa Tavern and it was the perfect mix of an evening in Birmingham with the vibes of every local old mans pub, honestly - it was bloody perfect. 

Right, so truth be told - I've only ever been at this well known site of the mailbox for afternoon tea but I bloody loved it. Maybe it's the location or maybe it's the reputation of the hotel itself but it was the fanciest damn afternoon tea I've ever experienced. Forget finger sandwiches and shitty cakes but instead mini burgers and high quality sweet treats - from this experience alone I have been eager to test out their evening menu! 

I probably shouldn't admit that my first visit to their *fancy* restaurant was on a first date with someone who wasn't J, but it's definitely a high market venue that I think everyone should experience at least once when in Birmingham. Opposite the sea-life centre and a gorgeous view of the canal, I think it combines so many aspects of Birmingham together perfectly! It's the perfect sophisticated and low lighting cosy vibes, the drinks are 

During lockdown J and I have been making the most of our time off and getting adventurous with our cooking, so before we jump straight back into organising dates nights at the restaurants in the middle of Birmingham - I'm glad we've got a whole bunch of *free recipes* available on Square Meal's website, so I can continue to get messy with my cooking skills and if all else fails; least I've  got a whole bunch of venues and other restaurants available at my fingers tips to prebook to save our date nights from any disasters. 

Where to Eat in Birmingham - sarahlaublogs

Originally I'd hoped to compile the *ultimate* list of food venues and restaurants for your to visit into Birmingham and while that could be something I focus on if you're interested in - the girl for this jobs is definitely Amy @bababouttown - who during lockdown curated a list of local independent sellers for all your foodie needs. Unfortunately some were a little out of our delivery zones BUT the ones we could order from - you betcha we gave it a try. 

...and the rest, well they're on the list for life when we're completely comfortable heading out more regularly. 

For now, we're stick to local spots and popping to places that I feel 100% confident that they're following guidelines to the absolute best. 

Have I missed your favourite spot off the list? Let me know, I'd love to know which places to try out next... 

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