Being considered a person in the blogging community is a concept I forget I'm apart of, yet every so often I find myself thinking that this part of the online industry is becoming a dying art, that is until I discover some new favourites and rediscover my love for the community all over again. 

Throughout 2020,  I've felt a rollercoaster of emotions about this platform; from giving it my all, to almost giving it up. Starting a newsletter (sign up now for bi-weekly updates), joining some groups & being more engaged with other creators online and finding some truly remarkable people, who obviously I'm sharing with you in this post today. 

See The Stars - 25 bloggers you need to follow
See The Stars - 25 bloggers you need to follow

It's no surprise to anyone who reads my blog regularly, about how often I fall in and out of love with it; and I think more often than not my love for blogging regenerates when I find new bloggers & instagram accounts that completely change my perspective with creativity. 

There's nothing a little bit of inspiration can do for your own motivation, ey! And that being said, I will be making it a regular thing to showcase some of my favourite accounts on my newsletter, so be sure to sign up so you don't miss finding new favourites! And if you have anyone you want to recommend for a mention - please let me know via IG

Fortunately at the moment I've found a new adoration for blogging, whilst my love for content creating can still be a challenge from time to time, I've truly found myself in the middle of the community again. Over the years I've found myself struggling to fit in and realising that finding friends online was more challenging that it was back in 2015... It could do with the fact that I now I have more time to engage with people but I'm noticing how I'm building strong relationships with more and more other creators online and honestly, my lil heart is warmed by it. 

And in an attempt to spread that warm feeling and for anyone who's like me and looking to refresh your feed with some new faces or you like a nosey at my favourite accounts right now, here's my top 25! 


See The Stars - 25 bloggers you need to follow


And there you have it, just some of my absolute favourites. As I've already mentioned I do want to make it a more regular aspect of my blogging and general creativity online to share more of my favourites - 1) because I want to help the little man a little more. 2) This community has been so supportive to me and the content I've been sharing that I feel it's time I gave some of that energy back. 

If you're not aware, the majority of my content is written in advance and it's currently 9am on a Friday morning, I'm sipping my first cuppa of the day and I've already spent an hour of my morning scrolling through instagram, reading peoples latest blog posts and watching some youtube videos. 

Not only are these girls some of my absolute favourites, they're also the reason I'm constantly so motivated. Reading all their latest posts, seeing what content they are creating really gives me that boost (especially on my blogging days) and I'm ready and raring to kick butt for the day! 

Who inspires you? Leave their websites/instagrams/accounts in the comments - I love finding new favs!

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