Instagram has been one of my most used social media platforms for years; the creation, fun and how it's original purpose was for quick snap shots into your life. 

I've always appreciated how it was such a simple platform for amateur photographers, that was until recently when suddenly creating on instagram meant you needed to be a profession photography, graphic designer and model... Sharing images online is no longer a case of point and shoot and now requires hours upon hours of planning, photography skills and constantly being on top of your engagements, comments and gaining a following.  


And boy, let me tell's exhausting. I mean, I love it but jeez am I tired of feeling like I'm constantly working. 

That being said and I think I have lockdown to thank for it, but I've gotten into a great routine with my content and whilst I'm struggling to discover my 'niche' online - I'm bloody well going to work at my strengths until I figure it out... and yep, apparently my strengths include instagram and content planning. I think?


Following these tips and processes when it comes to creating my content has meant I've been successfully building up my content throughout and since lockdown - even with me being back at work and life getting back to normality; I've been able to set aside times during the week, plans for over two weeks at a time and keep my content constantly refreshed & jeezh, I love it! 

I hate admitting to how much time and effort goes into creating you're instagram feed and whilst I hope it could be as quick and easy as it was back in 2012, I really benefit from making sure I've got a plan. 

My planning tends to include finding days when I'm free to focus on my content, decided the style I want to put across, where and when my photography days will be and then putting it all together. It's quite often I'll brain storm at the beginning of the week for what I want to create, any topics and stories I want to share & talk about and then I consider whether or not I've got sponsored work etc. etc. 

I take a lot of inspiration from the people I follow online and generally try to make sure my instagram feed is already filled with those inspirational people - I often save photos and styles on my phone and develop ideas from that - I try not to straight up copy anyone but will always credit when it's due. 

Whilst on a mission to *make it* on pinterest - I've been spending more time than I should admit on the website but this has become a place that I used when my ideas are dried up or when I need a little boost. I discover fresh ideas but also take inspiration for ideas I've already got banked. Pinterest for me has become a staple in discovering what I want to share online. I can find a diverse amount of styles and photography techniques and often using my photography days to see what works best for my own personal online style. 

For anyone looking at creating content consistently - this point is for you! Setting aside a time or day each week to create as much content as possible, not only does it mean you're planning ahead with more photography at your disposal when planning how your grid will look. 

I often choose a day to shoot flat-lays and a separate dates to shoot fashion photography - Majority of the time my flat-lay's will depend on what blog posts I'm currently working on and I then work those into my grid feed too *kill two birds with one stone and all that...* and my fashion photography; I've never been out with multiple changes of clothes and instead will just ask J to get a photo of my outfit whilst we're out and about. 

The more often I take photos and the more often I work on my bulk photography days means I constantly have a backlog of photographs which I can either use again at a later date or I'm comfortable in knowing I've got plenty of content to keep me going for a few weeks at a time. 


I'm not too judgemental on how other people create their content - I'll celebrate it all. Personally I prefer my content to be edited and I try and get mine to be as similar as possible for my blog photography and what's uploaded on my social media too. 

I've jumped between lots of editing apps over the years and hadn't found the *perfect* desktop app that doesn't cost a fortune. Fortunately I was reading through Lily's blog a couple months ago and she mentioned how she uses VSCO on her phone and it's been a game changer. Whilst I already used the app for my everyday photographs, it's become such a quick and easy way to send my photos from my camera to my phone, edit and send to my computer {oh, how I love air drop}. 

Recently with my instagram feed however, I've started to edit my photography via photoshop lightroom - luckily I was gifted some presets from Twuss and I've found that my feed looks much more uniform. I like that even when my photography style changes between the images, the editing actually brings them together smoothly - using the presets more regularly is on a little experiment basis right now so I'll keep you updated.

Oh, now this is my favourite part of it all. Bringing it all together. I focus my attention on photographs one at a time and often forget about how they'll work with my previously taken images - but I love how I'm able to bring them into one space and after playing around on apps like unumm and planoly, I'm able to make sense of it all.

Actually, it's embarrassing how often I change around what my feed will eventually look like, but I appreciate seeing how my photography is working and hoping that it pays off and the people who follow me appreciate it too. 

Planning your content ahead of uploading isn't to everyones taste and I applaud anyone who still using the point and shoot method - over the course of this year I've really enjoyed pushing myself when it comes to my photography and my style I share online - especially during lockdown.
Is there anything I've missed out? What's your biggest tip when it comes to planning your IG content? 

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