I almost don't want to admit how terrible my evening routine has been over the years, not only when it comes to my skincare but also just using the time to wind down and end the day peacefully.

In my recent post I talked about how I'm grateful for 2020 and weirdly, discovering some kind of evening routine has been one of those simple yet rewarding moments from this slightly confusing year. 

My evening routine w/ upcircle | sarahlaublogs
My evening routine w/ upcircle | sarahlaublogs

Since my teen years it's been known how active I am in the evenings; a night owl through and through - actually for many years I found comfort in writing blog posts, watching movies or just having that *alone time* at 11pm each night. But I guess now I'm in my late 20's, doing things like I used to isn't that simple. 

Honestly, I spend some evenings wishing I could have that creative time late at night again but truth be told, I'm in bed before midnight most days of the week and, I bloody love it. When J moved in with us last year, I knew my night owl routine was about to come to an end and thankfully we've found some kind of compromise with how our evenings work. 

With us both working in retail it's quite surprising that we have a routine at all, because let's be honest - when we're both working full time again, this will be a very rare treat for us, but until then I'm going to enjoy every moment of it.

My evening routine w/ upcircle | sarahlaublogs

We've possible had a very similar routine for the most part of the year J has lived with me; but our time during lockdown has meant we've nailed it. The fact neither of us have been working and socialising has been at a minimum, we've spent a lot more time focusing on this time as a couple and, just incase you're interested, this is how our evening goes... 

Call us sad or call us cute; but more often than not we cook together on an evening. J's first question each morning is usually 'what's for dinner tonight' so once we're over that battle of choosing, we'll cook together. Once we've got our meal we often head upstairs to our bedroom and stick something on the television - we've often got a binge watch on the go and will spend the evening watching that particular tv series (we're currently watching Chicago Fire & I'm obsessed). Or we'll stick on a movie -  thank you, Disney+, Amazon Prime & Netflix. 

Once dinner has settled and we've watched a few hours of our shows, we'll give each other that knowing look and grab a cuppa- there's something so settling about how that cuppa before bed, we should definitely cut out the extra caffeine and try other hot drink options but, ey you can't win everything.  

my evening routine with upcircle - sarahlaublogs
my evening routine with upcircle - sarahlaublogs

As I've already mentioned an evening routine was non-existent a few years ago and a skincare routine wasn't on my agenda until this year. Trust me it used to be a battle in itself for me to remove my makeup on the evening... especially over the course of this year I've focused my attentions on finding the right makeup remover, cleansing and moisturising products that work with my combination skin. 

Up until recently I was using a product y'all were using in your teen years - so when Upcircle sent me some of our their products, I was well and truly *upgrading* and boy, I was nervous but wow, are they paying off. 

Every evening I'm giving myself a simple 15 minutes in the bathroom to remove my makeup & cleanse my skin and it's weird how it's not only refreshing but has helped calm me down before bed. Upcircle let me choose my own products - so I went with the bits I knew I benefit best from, first being the coffee and citrus body scrub and wow, I love it! I prefer using a scrub when removing my makeup to get rid of the excess and stubborn bits and this citrus and coffee one is perfect for me. Once I've removed my makeup I will then apply some of face wash {I *think* it's a Aldi dupe} ...but whichever it is, it's cheap, cheerful and does the job - I'll complete the routine with the face serum, which is something I've not had before and who know my face couple be that silky smooth, because I sure as hell didn't. 

This is the part where I *shouldn't* admit that we spend half an hour on our phones and instead we read books and listen to some calming meditation music...but, well, we don't. J & I spend so much of our time together and do a lot *together* that it's actually nice to spend that half an hour doing our own thing. Since the golden era of youtube (hello, this is 2013 calling...) I've actually used this time before bed to catch up on youtube and I love it, I'll also scroll endless through instagram & reply to any messages I've missed while we've been knee-deep in our current watch - while J catches up with his youtube and eventually drags me away from the endless scrolling of tiktok I end up doing... 

Ah, whilst I'm aware our routine is possibly very simple and potentially quite boring - I love it. I think I often found trying to work out my routine became difficult because I began putting too much pressure on myself to make it perfect, so building this lil routine together has been lovely. I mean, I still fall victim to wanting to fall asleep with a full face of makeup but ah my god, it's so satisfying once I've got a fresh face both at night and in the morning... 

What's your evening routine like? Give me some inspiration for what else to include in my skin care routine?


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