I know we're all a little skeptical at the moment and everyones going at their own pace in terms of taking life *back to normal* and honestly I'm taking no judgements on how you've decided to take this step going forwards.

But last month, we took a lil visit to Dudley Zoo and the last few weeks I've been having some kind of identify crisis in terms of my blog and it's direction (but that's a whole other discussion), I thought it would be a fun thing to take my blog back to basics and document how I'm approaching the new norm... 

Visiting The Zoo: Post Lockdown
Visiting The Zoo: Post Lockdown
Visiting The Zoo: Post Lockdown

Fortunately for me I've been back at work since mid-June and I can only describe the process as weird - whilst I've been more than happy to regain some normality into my routine and socialising again with people has been good, my anxiety has taken a battering and I haven't seen it this bad for quite some time. 

That all being said, going back to work has meant that my anxiety over leaving the house and lockdown easing isn't as bad as I first imagined. Thankfully it's given me the opportunity to throw myself into the deep end and enjoy a few afternoons filled with family fun.

When it comes to my immediate family, we've been in close contact throughout lockdown, J & I live with my parents and my brother and his girlfriend have been frequently visiting the garden. As for the rest of my extended family, we haven't been able to see each like we'd hoped, our family whatsapp chat has been filled with fun and positive updates from my brothers fire service training, my cousin moving into her new home and watching my baby cousin grow! 

Visiting The Zoo: Post Lockdown
Visiting The Zoo: Post Lockdown

You can imagine that we jumped at the chance to spend time with my aunties and their son when we felt it was comfortable to do so. 

I've been close with my aunt since we were kids and her wife has become a massive part of my life for god-knows how many years now, so I was really missing spending the time with them and being as we've spent 4 months of Harrisons life in lockdown - it was time we bonded a little bit. 

We actually live a short journey away from Dudley Zoo so it's a place I know quite well, too well in fact. But I was excited to see how they'd accommodated the changes since co-vid and if we're being completely honest here - I have such mixed opinions on this. 

Like most places in the UK right now, the best way to guarantee anything is booking ahead of time - so the week before we booked our early afternoon tickets and headed out for the day, all fine and honestly the correct process. However, I couldn't help but feel that maybe *too* many people were booked in at the same and made social distancing an absolute nightmare.

Visiting The Zoo: Post Lockdown
Visiting The Zoo: Post Lockdown

We spent the majority of our time hiding from the rain and I was overjoyed to feel like life was getting back to normal - I'm a little gutted that I didn't feel as comfortable as I'd hoped and in all honesty can't really put my finger on who I was miffed at, y'know? 

Like realistically mistakes were made from the zoo and the visitors with the lack of distancing but then in certain points the zookeepers had procedures in place too. 

The new normal is weird and something I can tell we're all struggling with from time to time - it was nice getting out and about but maybe I'll leave it a little longer until our next adventure... 

Have you been out yet? Where did you go? What was your experience like?


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