She's only gone and bloody done it. Well, erm, kind of but let's not ruin my moment, okay...

For the best part of a year I've been considering going through with a *rebrand* and during a slight meltdown a couple weeks back, I finally took the plunge. 

Welcome to Sarahlaublogs
Welcome to Sarahlaublogs

Okay, so truth be told I haven't made the full commitment, as changing my domain name has been my biggest worry since my decision for change came about - but after years of believing that I *needed* a consistent branding throughout yet noticing so many of my blogging pals actually had a website that didn't completely match the rest of their online branding - I decided that the whole domain dilemma couldn't hold me back anymore and I'm so happy to finally say, say hello to sarahlaublogs. 

Realistically you didn't even need that information, but there you have it. When life gives you lemonades, give your online presence a rebrand.

Welcome to Sarahlaublogs

Much to my own surprise I've managed to continue writing and creating on my blog for the past year and from that, I believe I'm finally leaving my mark on the online world and whilst I'm slightly nervous (see: very nervous) about suddenly becoming undiscoverable with see the stars no longer attached to me  - I knew I hadn't felt connect to that version of myself for a long time anyway. 

I created See The Stars in the early days of 2013, I was 19 years old, struggling my way through university and had just discovered the world of beauty and blogging - See The Stars originally came from my time on tumblr (shout out to those OG's) and it was the perfect way to keep myself a little more anonymous online. 

Fortunately over time my confidence for creating my content has sky rocketed, friends and family are more in tune with what happens online and even though I still blush like a teenager girl whenever I'm compliment in real life, I'm pretty darn proud of myself.
Welcome to Sarahlaublogs

Rebranding for me; was all about letting go of See The Stars and letting my personality shine through with a noticeably more mature voice, hmm maybe? Maybe not, 

I'm not sure if we've got lockdown to thank for it, but during this year I've let go of the pressures of being picture perfect online, I've stopped holding myself back from creating content because it isn't 'perfect' and it turns out that doing things a little differently is working successfully for me. I asked on instagram a few weeks ago why people followed me and the amount of responses that included 'your unique style' - was something special. 

I've always been classed a little bit strange, quirky and unusual... and over the years I've tried to hide from everyone to fit in with the group. 

Welcome to Sarahlaublogs

I won't be making noticeable changes right away and instead will just focus on the smaller changes, making branding matches perfectly, checking all my admin pieces and working hard on my SEO bits of my website and eventually start to focus on who I want to be online. 

Over the course of 2020, I've already spent the majority of my time sharing more fashion pieces, opening up a little more with my mental health and switching up my content in a way that feels more me. Thankfully my relationship with clothing has been changing over the years, I'm experimenting more with style photography and I know it's a direction I want to delve into as this year continues. 

Actually not a fat lot to be honest, I'm still debating what I want to do in terms of being a 'beauty blogger' as there's something inside of me that still loves talking about beauty and my latest favs but it requires so much energy that I think those posts will be few and far between. 

Apart from that I think I'm quite happy with the content I've been sharing this year anyways. 

I've changed my name on all existing social media platforms and I've been trying to create the perfect 'branding' for each other since before the rebrand - but it's now something I want to focus on fixing! Not only do I want this to be a consistent throughout but I also want it to be something that people will instantly know is *mine* - so I'm currently trial and testing new designs every couple days via canva. 

And in terms of the newsletter, I'm so embarrassed how I hyped it up and then let it slip away - so I'm currently getting my affairs in order so again it fits branding and it's perfect for the content I want to share on all channels.

...Basically, this is now top of my list to sort out and I'll keep you posted when everything is perfected. Until then, you can still sign up for my newsletter and you'll get the next edition as soon as I've found the energy to write it... 
Welcome to Sarahlaublogs

I think that just about covers everything! 

Majority of the changes I do want to make are *thankfully* all quite small and actually require a lot less effort than you'd think - I'm trying to make this place a little more carefree and relaxed space for me. Enjoying writing and creating rather than getting too wrapped up in everything being perfect. 

Anything you'd like to see from sarahlaublog - please do let me know! 

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