Who really needs an excuse when it comes to having a Disney day? Nah, didn't think so. 

I realised a couple weeks ago I was severely neglecting all my streaming services bar amazon prime. During lockdown I was using every spare moment to re-watch grey's anatomy and once that was over, J introduced me to Chicago Fire and we've been watching that every night since June (?) so as you can imagine, I've been so busy drooling over Kelly Severide that I hadn't watched anything else. 

what i've been watching: disney edition 4 - sarahlaublogs
what i've been watching: disney edition 4 - sarahlaublogs

Trying to switch things up a little bit and taking a break from the tears and the drama - I've been working my way through Disney+ ...mostly while I'm working away in my office or when I've got the bedroom to myself (which is a rare moment let me tell you...) 

The thing that I'm most excited about when it comes to having Disney+ is working my way through the classics that have stepped my attention or rewatching films I've not seen in years and thats what I think today's list is filled with - some old favourites that I haven't seen in years or others that I've simple just, never seen. 

what i've been watching: disney edition 4 - sarahlaublogs

I don't want to bore you too much, so let's jump straight into the list shall we... 

Right, this one probably needs an explanation and please don't judge me but this is my 'I feel sad and need something easy to watch' show and I'm in love with it - I'm very aware I'm years of the viewing demographic but it's such a feel good and positive show that I need a little bit of it in my life - okay! I'd only watched boy meets world for the first time a couple years ago, so watching the reboot of a show from my childhood is something I really enjoy. So, if you're yet to watch the wholesomeness that is Riley & Maya's friendship, I recommend you give this a try, please. 

We'll ignore the fact it took us 3 attempts to watch this show - but we loved it! Most of my Disney choices I tend to watch alone with a fear of boring people, but when I'd convinced J that he needed to watch this with me, we made a proper movie night out of it. Curtains were drawn, popcorn and other snacks were in our hand and we settled down for the evening, we struggled to understand the storyline to begin with but apart from that we loved it! The actors were incredible and we've had the music on repeat ever since! 

You know those films that just stick with you since you were a kid? Well, Princess Diaries is that for me, from the first time I watched Mia Thermopolis become a princess, I've been a little bit addicted but weirdly, I love the second instalment even, more? I think this was the first film where I fell in love Chris Pine... 

what i've been watching: disney edition 4 - sarahlaublogs
what i've been watching: disney edition 4 - sarahlaublogs

Don't bite my head off but this was the first time I've managed to watch this film the whole way through - after my first trip to Disneyland Paris in 2015, I was desperate to fall in love with this film because of how much I loved the ride in the studios park but on my first viewing, we just didn't gel. But on a miserable Saturday afternoon, I was determined I'd sit through the film and that's what I did and it turns out - this is a damn cute movie! 

I really used that miserable Saturday to my adventure a couple weeks back and watch the little mermaid, this is one of my childhood favourites and it always feel like forever since I last watched it. Watching the litter mermaid is one of those films that's perfect for when I don't have the attention span and I need a super easy watch. Watching it on a Saturday also brought back some childhood memories too, oh I love the nostalgia. 

Please don't judge me for what I'm about to say - but I've only watched this film, maybe twice? I know, I know - I think it was one of those films that just didn't click with me when I was a kid but as an adult, it's bloody hilarious! It's definitely one of those films that you need to be in the mood for, but it really lifted my spirits when I watched it recently. 

My best friend lives miles away, we got months and months without seeing each other and a couple weekends back we'd made a date to watch Camp Rock over facetime - minor a few technical issues it was the cutest damn night I've had in a while. We've both loved the JoBro's and Demi Lovato since our teen years and it was so fun to re-watch one of our old favourites (a film that probably bonded us when we first met) and completely judge it for how cute and cringey it was. 

...and there you have it! Such a random choice of movies, I know - but so many that have cheered me up when I've needed that mental boost. I always try and focus on watching a bigger variety of movies and tv shows, some days it works in my favour and other time I just feel the urge to watch my feel-good favourites. 

What movie cheers you up when you're feeling low? 


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