We all had high hopes for this year and well, 2020 has been a right kick in the teeth hasn't it? It's thrown us all out of our routines and made a massive change to what realistically was once *normal*.

I've spoken a lot about the new normal and how I believed the time in lockdown gave me the opportunity to switch off and how it's been beneficial for me in so many ways...it's only natural that I want to share with you why I'm grateful for this year. 

See The Stars - How I've changed my Routine During Lockdown
See The Stars - How I've changed my Routine During Lockdown

Truth be told, I felt disillusioned by the closure of work and lockdown when it was initially announced - I didn't believe it was real and genuinely thought we'd be back to normal within a matter of weeks, and boy was I wrong.

Initially I felt a shit tonne of feelings; I was relieved, annoyed, bored and irritated that plans for the year were changing, and weirdly was more frustrated about my life being put on hold than anything else but over the weeks I started to feel a sense of gratitude for what was happening. 

Lockdown was a weird period for us all but in some ways was something I think we all needed; you might be reluctant to agree depending on how your time in lockdown was but thankfully for me, I found that it gave me the opportunity to switch off, reflect on my life & friendships and to focus my attentions on my hobbies that I'd let slip for a while. 

So, what am I grateful for?

1. Spending the extra time with my family. especially during lockdown when my brother would drop off our food shopping and we'd spend an hour chatting on the door step. 

2. Having the time to look at my mental health without having to worry about taking time off work to do it. 

3. I spent three months re-watching grey's anatomy and no-one judged me. 

4. Saturdays were still dedicated to spending time with my dance family - via zoom dance classes and quiz nights. Was lovely. 

5. Saving money I would've usually spent on food, I missed you greggs but my bank balance is grateful for the break. 

6. And I know I was incredibly lucky to still have an income during this time. 

7. Walks around the park - getting our daily exercise and having a park on our doorstep meant we sometimes used the opportunity to have a picnic in the sunshine. 

8. Celebrating mine & J's birthdays peacefully. Okay, so mine sucked because our original plans were cancelled but spending the day in my pj's and getting to completely relax was a good alternative. 

9. Getting to stay connected with my friends - using zoom, skype & facetime to check in with my friends and keeping in touch throughout a tough period. 

10. Reconnecting with old friends who I hadn't spoken to in a while. 

11. Going back to work. Being furloughed was a lot of fun and everything but boy, am I grateful to have some kind of routine back in my life. 

12. Being able to use my free time to work on my blog and other creative outlets. 

13. Watching my instagram account which hadn't grown in years actually reach my end of year goals before the end of April - thank you, thank you!  

14. Learning that I don't always have to be productive, appreciating lazy days more and accepting when my body needs a break. 

15. Turning the spare bedroom into my office space - so I have somewhere I can work comfortably. 

16. Using the time off to work on some marketing & social media courses...which I need to get back on track with, oops.

17. Having J around me, who continues to support all my crazy ideas and will do anything to help to make them reality. 

18. Oh, and super grateful that he recovered from covid and he's back to his annoying self...ha, love you bub. 

19. Appreciating the small things in life - like playing Mario kart on the Nintendo switch even though I sucked at it.  

20. Making the most of our surroundings and having date nights what ever way we could. This mostly included cooking dinner and watching a movie together. 

21. Watching my brother pass out from the fire service and watching him succeed in a job he's been working so hard for - however, watching it all happen online was a little surreal, cheers rona. 

22. Experimenting more with my fashion sense and enjoying the clothes I'm wearing and sharing them online.

This year has been challenging in more ways than one, and definitely one we won't forget in a heartbeat but there's some moments that I want to remember from this year and so many life lessons that I know will take me through the rest of my 20's. 

If you're an avid reader of my posts you'll have noticed that I'm not the most positive and upbeat person, quite the opposite in fact so please take pleasure in knowing that I'm able to feel content and grateful in my life and it's not always doom and gloom. 

What are you grateful for in 2020? 


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