Blogging Mindset Mastery: Review.



So 2020 is the year of the online courses and I am here for it. Actually, I don't think online courses has ever not been a trend but this year I've worked through *three* and honestly, each one has been perfect for me and my creative needs. 

In my latest blog post I discussed in a little more depth about being more focused on my blogging and how this year has been the perfect opportunity for my website and my *brand* to grow. 

blogging mindset mastery review - sarahlaublogs
blogging mindset mastery review - sarahlaublogs

And I'm sure by now you're all aware of why it's been so important to me too, but I'm going to share the story anyways... 

Quitting my job last year was a massive turning point for me, my mental health was compromised and my confidence was knocked, so I went into a part-time job just to get my feet back on the ground and whilst I was extremely lucky that I had this part-time job, I was more adamant than I had been before to make my dream career my reality and although it's taken me a year to secure that dream job (more about that coming soon), blogging was the next best thing until this opportunity arose. 

Actually, blogging was part of the reason I was even offered my new job. I used my platform as a place to engage, connect and learn more about the online career opportunities, while being able to have fun creating at the same time, so thanks for the help! 

But what does this have to do with Blogging Mindset Mastery? Ahh, well you see, this year has been filled with growing my confidence with my content but it's also given me the time to sit down and work through some online courses and give myself that knowledge and confidence to move forward with my career goals and my blogs growth.  

After being in the blogging world for so many years, I thought I knew all that I needed to know about blogging and making the most of my platforms but boy, was I wrong.

In some cases, it wasn't that I didn't know the information, I just hadn't put it into practice or I wasn't being consistent with it and that's why I wasn't getting the results I was after, until spending the time on these courses and having that push in the right direction I'm able to make that effort to improve my mindset for blogging, my blog and how it's shared online and I can't wait to see it all come together. 

blogging mindset mastery review - sarahlaublogs

So having all that information and more in one place has been extremely useful. I spent the majority of August & September chipping away at the course, taking notes and always being grateful that it's accessible at any time for me (& so is Jenny, who's an absolute dream to work with). 

You'll notice a decrease in my blogging over the next coming weeks (working two jobs, seven days a week is going to hit me like a tonne of bricks) but I'm so grateful that I've now got all this knowledge for when I'm able to create again a little more consistently. So, to make it all the more easier to give you an idea of how the blogging mindset mastery, has helped with my creative journey I've split the post & topics into some questions. 


If we're being honest, I thought I had a good grasp on blogging and how it all worked, but since taking the mindset mastery course; I've come to the realisation that even when I thought I was doing things right - I still had a hell of a lot to learn. What I liked most about doing Jenny's course was that I always felt like even when I was reading a section about a part of blogging I was already confident about - I was still learning or developing my process that would actually give me some kind of result. 

It's also given me such a boost in confidence to know that I'm actually doing okay with my blog and I might actually have a clue what I'm doing online, so yay for that! 


I've always been quite a negative nelly  so I'm not expecting a miracle here and I don't think Jenny will expect it from me either - but knowing that I'm *trying* is all anyone can ask for. Personally I don't think that having a certain mindset for blogging will make a massive difference to what will make me successful, but I do agree that having a certain mindset about how I write, share and when creating any future will have a massive impact and that's something I've learnt about myself and my abilities from doing this course. 

I'll admit I was a little worried when I started this course and thought I wasn't the right person for it; but thankfully this isn't a course just about my mindset, and to be honest it's not a course where I'm constantly told that it's a must to change how I view things for my blog to be successful, instead I'm shown how thinking more positively will help me moving forward and as a whole encourages successful blogging in so many different aspects and I'm so grateful that Jenny has created a course that will ultimately make me a happier person when creating but isn't saying it's my only option - because damn it, sometimes my best work comes from my miserable mindset.  


Maybe my own self-doubt was holding my back before because there was so much I was already doing in terms of blogging, engagement, making money and getting exposure for my content but the problem was I wasn't doing it to the best of my ability. 

One of the lectures within the course was focused on pinterest and honestly, that platform is the bane of my life - whilst it's amazing for growth and engagement once you've cracked it - oh my god it's a nightmare when you're starting up. So if I've learnt anything from this course is; even though I won't love ever aspect of blogging, doing the hard work and boring will eventually pay off, so I guess I'm going to start chipping away at these tasks to see those results. 

blogging mindset mastery review - sarahlaublogs
blogging mindset mastery review - sarahlaublogs


Remember how I said I'm quite the negative nelly, well here she comes again... I've always believed that it's okay to go at my own pace for my blog, it started out as just a hobby after all and whilst I still stand by this fact if you're creating for fun. I do believe that if you're looking to make a career or to make money from blogging, having a set routine for your blog is important. Not only for your consistency, you're growth and overall engagement, but having that routine for yourself will work wonders with how you manage your time and energy when creating. 

At the moment I structure my days depending on what I need, so I'll focus one or two days in the week to get my photography sorted (outfits are a little different as I often do them as and when I'm wearing the outfit) and then spending the rest of my week writing posts and doing admin, around my social life and any working hours. 


I'm really sad about this part, because the *blogging mindset mastery* was the perfect opportunity for me  to gain some insight into how I could realistically turn my blogging into my job if I really wanted to pursue that career option, so if it's something you're working towards and you need a little push in the right direction, Jenny's course is definitely a good option for you. 

blogging mindset mastery review - sarahlaublogs

For me however, I'm taking everything I've learnt from my time with blogging mindset mastery and will be using it for my future with my blog, whatever that future may be. 

I'm a couple days away from starting my new job and I'm currently stressing out about what this means for my blog and it's connecting platforms (yep, I'm looking at you instagram) so please bare with me whilst I figure all that out.. 

Totally going off topic now, aren't I?...Basically, this course came to me at the perfect time. Jenny has created a course perfect for both new and established bloggers and I've spent the last couple of weeks working away at the topics, gaining insight and knowledge that I can use moving forwards (both personally & professionally too, yay) and I've even got PDF's & files to check back on for future reference. 

I know blogging courses aren't for everyone but if you're ever considering them - be sure to check out Jenny's Blogging Mindset Mastery! And let me know what part of blogging you want to learn more about? 

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