One thing I need to recognise more often is taking time off when I'm having a bad mental health day. 

I've always hoped I could use this space to become more of an advocate for mental health and although I don't have an excuse as to why that hasn't happened, instead I like to believe I'm becoming a voice of reason when it comes to accepting your bad days. 

chick flicks for when you're having a bad day - sarahlaublogs
chick flicks for when you're having a bad day - sarahlaublogs

Unfortunately for me, I've been experiencing more bad days than good recently and whilst it's really unsettling to constantly battle with my depression - it's how I cope with my bad days that I struggle with more and more. 

Like everyone else, I'm not very good at taking my own advice. So when it comes to needing that mental day off - I can't help but feel massively guilty over it. 

More often than not, I'll continue to work through any tough day that I'm having and it'll take until someone physically makes me switch off for me to *eventually* listen - luckily though, I think I'm getting better at this. I'm working lower hours at work already anyways, so it's more the blogging, working on online courses and trying to put myself into my dream career that I eventually drives me to burn out. 

chick flicks for when you're having a bad day - sarahlaublogs

So, whilst I'm terrible at accepting I need the time off - I've found that giving myself a simple evening of movies and self-care can be enough to do the trick, because as much as I crave switching off from any human interaction after just a couple days of socialising, truth be told I'm bored of my own company within an hour. 

The first time I started writing movie reviews on my blog was when I share my fav films that always made me cry and whilst the tear-jerker are still some of my favourites, it's probably time I share the films that make me laugh during my sad moments, rather than the ones that pull me deeper into my depression. 

...And the best way I'm able to combine my need for mental health reset and doing so without craving company, is watching some of my fav movies. 

If there's ever a film I want to watch when I feel like shit - well, it's always she's the man. I get a huge comic relief from watching this film and having done from the moment I first watched it, I know, how sad am I that I love a film this much - but she's the man is like perfect amount of comedy, music, fit people and a fairly decent storyline. The looks of disgust I get from people when I say this is my favourite film is unreal but they just don't understand. 

Another old favourite is a cinderella story, I'm not sure if I love it more because Hilary Duff or Chad Michael Murray...or just the both of them combined. If you experienced your teen years in 00's, then you already know the storyline and if you haven't got a clue what this film is about...please come back when you have. Thank you!

Hi, hello, you must be new here if you're never heard me talk about my love for Taron Egerton and on the days when I feel at my absolute lowest; watching the film that first ignited this love is a real winner. In the comedic twist to James Bond, you watch Eggsy the common Londoner become this bad ass Kingsman agent and I'm obsessed with it.  

I've had a soft spot for any Joey King movie since watching her in Ramona and Beezus back in 2009 and watching her grow up and being part of a Netflix original trashy movie is everything my romcom loving self needs....that and I think the boy who plays her boyfriend is cute. That being said I've also always had a soft spot for films that highlight friendships with the opposite sex - something that almost relates to my younger self, but actually watching a movie that doesn't end with the bff's falling in love is really quite refreshing. 
chick flicks for when you're having a bad day - sarahlaublogs

Right, so apprently when I'm in a bad head space, the thing that cheers me up is actually watching movies that cheered me up when I was a teenager, and this one is no different. Aquamarine instantly takes me back to sleepovers at 16 years old and wishes that we lived this close to the beach and the boys at school were really *that* cute - oh and imagine having a mermaid who offers you a wish too, oh why isn't life  really this cool?

If we're being completely honest, any film with a good musical number and I'm all ears. Watching school of rock does something for me, I think the fun of this film makes it all the more wholesome and enjoyable - also, I blooming love a little bit of Jack Black, okay? 

When I came across this movie a few years ago, it instantly became one of my favourites. I'm not sure whether it's because I've been in the middle of an opposite sex friendship and those feelings hit me, but also I spend the entire film silently cheering on Harry & Sally. This 80's film gives me autumnal vibes, comedy and the perfect amount of romance - also like most people, I really want to visit the cafe from *that* scent, oh yeah, you know the one. 

I feel quite lucky knowing that I've found a routine that works for me when I'm having a bad mental health day and I think this helps purely because these are all classics to me and reminds me of my favourite memories from my teen years...spending every weekend binge watching these trashy chick flicks! 

Whats your favourite chick flick when you're having a bad day? 

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