Sometimes I like to take my wins where ever I find them and however small they may be, and today we're celebrating the fact I've managed to blog consistently for the last year, I know, who would've thought it was possible. 

For someone who's actually been blogging for quite sometime you wouldn't typically question it, right? 

But after being in a creative rut for 2 years previously, I think this is an achievement I want to shout about, because damn, it took so much energy to bring myself back to the creative world. 

some thoughts on blogging consistently for 365 days - sarahlaublogs
some thoughts on blogging consistently for 365 days - sarahlaublogs

Being a veteran within this community it's safe to say I've watched many people come and go online, and as much as I miss the pals I made all those years ago; I didn't want to do the same - my creative rut came from personal and creative problems, so it's nice to see that I've been able to conquer it all and move forward. 

During the time at my full time job in 2019 I lost focus for my personal projects, so when I quit that job and started my part-time job, it was perfect timing to create again. On September 1st, my first day of *unemployment* I opened my laptop and decided it was time to share with the world again, and you've been so welcoming and let me come back, bigger and better than ever. 

The 10 days between my two jobs last year meant that I had this opportunity to sit down and really consider what I wanted to do moving forward, and going into a part-time job meant I had more days to photography and generally had more time spent at my desk to plan, write and be more involved online. 

some thoughts on blogging consistently for 365 days - sarahlaublogs

How has it really been? Oh, blooming tough but actually I've hardly noticed I've been doing it. 

I've used this year to push myself harder than before, just because I've been more determined and I think it's really paid off. I found a routine that worked for me, I had more time to dedicate to my blog, photography and all other outlets, I created set days for which tasks I'd work on and thankfully with most of this year spent in lockdown I was able to continue this up until now...I'm hoping to share how I've managed to work my routine around my part-time job and how I've found the motivated to continue creating online all year long, so let me know if you think this would be beneficial? 

The toughest part of blogging consistently has been staying inspired and motivated on a regular basis, because no one is productive all day, everyday... honestly, we all need a day in bed watching Netflix from time to time. That being said I've always been one to over prepare and have a bulk of photography ready in advance - y'know incase a severe case of writers block takes over for weeks at a time, at least I've got my emergency back log at the ready. 

Weirdly one think I've constantly done since 2013 is taking my photographs in bulk, and it's been a massive plus for me in so many ways, not only has it helped when I've been busy at work, or when I need that *digital detox*, I can work on having up to two weeks of content ready to share on Instagram and I often have a weeks worth of blog post scheduled in advance too. 

some thoughts on blogging consistently for 365 days - sarahlaublogs
some thoughts on blogging consistently for 365 days - sarahlaublogs

This was never an accomplishment I set my mind to and there was never an end goal for me, but I think  the fact I've done it has me all the more excited to continue creating.

Taking the time offline a couple years ago has allowed me to rediscover why I love creating this content and means that I'm no longer churning out posts that I dislike but in the hopes that it'll give me some extra followers and views; but instead during this time I've been doing it because I truly enjoy it. 

And this year has been the first time I've actually seen results on my blog - so thank you for keeping me motivated! 

I'm going to try my hardest to continue creating and sharing online, however I've recently got myself a full-time job and I'm currently processing how well it'll work hand in hand with my part time job - so whilst it's been a really good run for me and being able to have this time to work on my own creative projects, engage more in the online world and give myself some of the much needed experience for my future career goals, it's been fun! 


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