It's been a while since we spoke about sustainable shopping, I know and I'm sorry! I've been wanting to update you on my progress lately but I've stressed myself out about making it the *perfect* post and have panicked. 

I'll be honest most of my sustainable updates come from charity shopping and generally trying to buy second hand more often as of late, I've had some great bargains and some that will unfortunately have to go back on sale because sizing is shite. 

latest sustainable buys with Stript Cosmetics - Sarahlaublogs
latest sustainable buys with Stript Cosmetics - Sarahlaublogs

That being said, I've actually cut my spends in half recently (thank goodness for being broke) so I don't have much to share with you anyways, except for this beauty haul today. 

I know, a beauty haul. Shock! I'm sorry, are we back to being Sarah circa 2015(??). Honestly? My beauty purchases became boring over the years, I'd cut down the products I was purchasing and anything I was buying, were fond being a beauty blogger became almost redundant for me.

But today, today I'm coming at you with something I've been so excited to share since the moment it was announced! A close friend of mine, Becky, started her own zero wastes, plastic free cosmetics company a few years ago and she's been amazing me with it ever since. This year she joined forces with Natwest for a Back Her Business to expand her business from hair care & bath products to also include a range of makeup and beauty buys too. 

Latest Sustainable buys with Stript Cosmetics - sarahlaublogs
Latest Sustainable buys with Stript Cosmetics - sarahlaublogs

Back in February J & I clubbed together to help Becky & Stript Cosmetics and ordered two different crowdfunding rewards, I picked the stript cosmetics travel mug and J gave me the Shower Mystery Box; due to covid and other issues, its took us some time before the products were ready and boy, were they worth the wait. 

Being more conscious about our everyday uses and purchases, getting this set of products is probably the best way for us to test out a variety of products and discover what will work for us both.

I don't want to bore you with too much chat so let's just get straight into the products, okay... 

Oh, I bloody love a good body scrub, I think it's the physical feeling of getting rid of the dirty and my skin feeling instantly refreshed and smoothed - over the years I've always used these products from a bottle and more recently my upcircle body scrub too, which is a coffee scented scrub, perfect for early morning showers, whereas this oaty scrub will be perfect to combine with my twilight body wash & conditioner when taking my evening showers. . However, what makes me more excited about this bar is the fact I can pop it on the shelf in my shower and it's so much easier to use, yep. I love it! 

Don't judge me right, but it wasn't until recently that I discovered shower bombs were a thing and I am ecstatic about it. Furious, that I didn't find out sooner but ecstatic nonetheless. You'll never believe the fuss this shower bomb actually caused the entire family while I've been trying to figure out why I find this scent so familiar - so as a household we've decided that the best way to describe the scent of this bomb is a combination of our favourite childhood sweeties - from lemon sorbet to liquorice, the undertones of the scent are so subtle & perfect for that end of the week pamper session.  

Like I mentions above, who knew shower bombs were a thing? We're a family without a bath and over the years have always thought I was missing out when it came to the fun bath products - but now I've got these shower bombs to test out for some relaxation/pamper evenings. The petal shower bomb is basically what it says on the tin, before I start the family debate on scents like darkside, its best I just admit that this smells beautifully of all things floral and in some weird way reminds me of sunday evenings, fresh out the shower and climbing into new bed sheets, perfect! 

lastet sustainable buys with stript cosmetics

When I originally started shopping with Lush, the product I ended up purchasing the most was the soaps - they were my favourite and more affordable product and over the years I've just lost interest in spending money on beauty products for the sake of it. SO when I recieved *two* soaps from Stript, my love for the bright, sweet scents hand soap came rushing back to me, I think that's even better is that this is a sweet and citrus scent that takes me back to 21 years old me, visiting my first lush events with Becky (creator of Stript) and feeling super nostalgic and grateful for how blogging has created such a great friendships - weird detour there but, girl I love ya x

...Hmm, I don't think I can top that previous review. So we'll keep it short and sweet with this one, the blueberry is delicious without being too overpowering and one I think the whole family is going to enjoy, so before we fall out again over the scent of these products...I'm going to sneak it into the bathroom. 

The entirety of this post took a completely different turn and I'm not spending my evening reading through old Lush blog posts and reminiscing over friendships I've created in the years I've been blogging, aw what a lovely way to spend my time...but oops, lets finish this post, shall we? 

Taking it back to the original point of this post, I'll be the first to admit that shopping more sustainable can be quite challenging and I've definitely slipped up from time to time, but I'm so pleased I've been able to stack out my bathroom essentials from a sustainable, zero waste & vegan store...even better that I've been able to support a friend and her small business.

I was also sent a couple other products to try out and review, but I want to share those in another post - I'm currently training my hair with a shampoo bar, it's a bit of a battle but we're getting there...

Let's be honest, I'm probably not the most 'influential' blogger but if you do anything after reading my reviews, please check out Stript! I promise you'll find some absolute favs to kick start your more sustainable beauty buys. 


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