Life Update: I Got A New Job.


Right, I'm going to start this post off with *two* apologies, one for being gone for a couple weeks and, two, if you follow me on instagram you'll have heard all about my new job - so I can only imagine you're bored shitless of me and this news.

The first few weeks of my new job I was so excited about this new opportunity, and even though I'm still very much in love with the job I must admit even I'm tired of hearing my own voice and how much it becomes my topic of conversation - so bare with me while I find the balance with it all.

...And with that out the way I wanted to share with you a little more depth about why I've disappeared from the blogging world over the last few weeks. 


I announced this via my instagram back in September just a week before starting my new position, in *digital marketing* and it's been a wonderful journey so far. 

You all probably know the story by now, but incase you're not up-to-date with my job search struggle over the years...After years of unsuccessful job applications I used my time during the first lockdown to teach myself some digital marketing courses. Anyways, I've been teaching myself via online courses, joining groups on facebook and even spending my evenings taking part in seminars - after years of wanting to start a career within digital marketing, I was admittedly beginning to give in and out of the blue, I found myself being offered my dream job. 

The craziest part is that it's in an estate agents - which to most of you, probably doesn't sound crazy at all but for years I've always been intrigued with the world of homes, sales and lettings and wondered how the hell do I get myself a job in an estate agents...and without thinking about it, found myself doing my dream job with a job I always thought would be too far out of reach. 

It's been a wild 6 weeks, I've well and truly jumped head-first into this position and even with my limited experience through my blog and all the teaching myself online - there's many moments when I feel completely out of my depth, yet I'm so pleased with myself for settling in as fast as I have. 

So what's my job role? I'm actually working two jobs within one job title - so there's never a moment when I've not stopped learning something new and I'm loving it. I work in a little office in the town centre, finding homes for people & families, taking rent payments and working with the public but I'm also creating their whole online presence & whilst it's nerve-wrecking, I love the response I'm getting so far. I'm also thankful that I'm working alongside a small team who have welcomed me in with open arms (something I've not always had in work environments) and I'm feeling more and more comfortable by the day. 

One thing I'm yet to mention is the fact I'm also still working my part-time job at The Disney Store, so my life has taken a huge halt for the last couple of weeks - thankfully lockdown 2.0 has given me some time off over the weekend; however, until then I was working seven days a week, and let me tell you - it's bee the weirdest and rewarding experience of this year. 

I was determined to spend a little more time at Disney and working the busy period of Christmas was something I actually enjoyed doing last year - so I wanted one last experience before saying goodbye. 

Life's been a little out of control lately, and whilst it's been amazing for me to start my dream career, I've really missed creating online - so whilst I've got some off time I'm hoping I'll be able to bring back my content, I've been able to keep working on my instagram but blogging has really been neglected over the weeks. 

How have you been? I've missed you all x

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