Oh Autumn, How I've Missed You.


Would you believe I had every intent of sharing this post with you at the very beginning of autumn? Because, that was the original plan and with so much in my life going on, I've kept having to push back my publish today. 

...So it's nice to finally share some new content with you, if you're following me on any other platforms you may have noticed that I've recently started a new job and boy, I must admit it's been both tiring and rewarding - I don't want to delve too much into the new job today as I've been wanting to share that news via another post coming soon, so if you're interested keep an eye out for that. 

Oh Autumn, How I've Missed You.
Oh Autumn, How I've Missed You.

The photographs features in todays post were actually taken in the midst of a heatwave at the end of august, and I've been eagerly awaiting to share them since. 

Autumn is quite possible my favourite time of year, the change in season, the colours of nature and although the air gets cooler, there's something just so warm about it, and gah I'm so glad it's come back around again. 

Originally I was going to use this post to talk about the things I've excited to do around this time of year; and with my new working schedule and lockdown rules changing by the day -  it's become more about the things I love about this time of year and instead let's pray I can experience it all a little more in 2021...here's hoping at least. 

Oh Autumn, How I've Missed You.
Oh Autumn, How I've Missed You.

Come to think of it, between my years spent working in hospitality & retail and even, my current situation of working two jobs, I've always wished to spend a little more experiencing the fun that's on offer in autumn, instead of hoping for the time off to enjoy myself...so here's some of the things I love about this time of year and some things I can't wait to experience when life is a little more *back to normal* next year. 

- Taste testing all the new seasonal drinks. 
- The crunchy leaves.
- Pumpkin Picking - would you believe I've never done it? 
- Pumpkin carving 
- Watching Halloween films at the cinema
- Watching the non-spooky halloween films at home. 
- Dressing up for halloween, old school uni nights out for halloween were the best. 
- Bonfire night displays
- Burgers, hot choccy & fare-ground ride at said bonfire night displays
- Sparklers, honestly I love 'em. 
- The darker evenings, I both love and hate them tbh. 
- Evenings at the pub with friends. 
- Hot chocolates to keep you warm from the cold nights. 
- Attempting to bake... 
- Watching Gilmore Girls on a dark evening 
- That moment it's acceptable to wear scarves & beanie hats everyday. 
- Buying a new coat for the season. 
- Cosy slippers and dressing gown weather. 

Oh Autumn, How I've Missed You.

It's the simple things that I think make this time of year all the more enjoyable, if you read my post last year about believing in love again, you might remember me sharing similar thoughts with you then too - who have thought that I'd find this time of year so romantic, but I just can't resist. 

What makes you happy about this time of year? 

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