I praise anyone who's currently working as a full-time blogger, because the thought of creating my own content at my free will and earning a wage through this platform, that's awesome! If I'm being honest, I've never really known which category I fit in when it came to blogging, and one of the questions I have, is wondering whether I want to work towards making my blog a full-time career or enjoying it for the fun it was when I first started. 

And as of late, I'm now the furthest away from becoming a full time blogger and actually, I'm okay with it. Starting my new job back in September has meant that blogging for myself has taken a back seat and originally I thought I was going to be devastated - when actually, taking that step back has given me a different mindset for my content creating & I miss it more & more rather than it feeling like a chore... 

Blogging has been a huge part of my life for the last couple of years, and after years of trying to use this platform to begin my career in digital marketing - it's finally happening! That being said, my time spent on my own personal projects has become limited over the last few months but thanks to lockdown 2.0 I've got a little extra time to bring back my blogging. 

2020 has given me a taste of blogging full-time and has also limited my time with my online content - I feel this year has meant I've tried and tested both worlds in the blogging community and ultimately I'm still making my mind up on what direction and how much time I want to spend creating online - but for those still passionate about this corner of the internet, I've created a list of ways to stay productive as a part-timer.  

This! This is the important one. I've always been someone who finds content feels much more stress-free when I've been able to plan it ahead - I think it's more of a personal thing but realistically I love sitting down & planning everything ahead of time, it's both practical and weirdly therapeutic. Personally not only do I find this less stressful and helps me sharing more content, more consistently - it also gives me the opportunity to take a break from creating content every week, because creative burn out is the worst. 

Forget diamonds, I honestly believe notebooks are a girls best friend. I have a number of notebooks for every occasion, however mine get the most use for blogging. A few years ago my friend Tarnya introduced me to the idea of a mini notebook for jotting ideas on the go and I've had lil notepads in my bag ever since, and seriously it's a game-changer.  I have notebooks where I'll physically write out posts when I need to have that pen to paper moment and then diaries and other notebooks just to create plans, to-do lists and for every other note I need to write down - but trust me, I'll find any excuse to pick up a new one. 

I've always been an advocate for bulk photography! Originally I did this because photography has always been my favourite part of blogging, I've always found the concept of creating these ideas and putting them together during a photoshoot to be the place I get the most joy. I've always found that having a back-log of photography works best for me, it means I've always got some content I can work towards and will always help to have content ready in advance is I get multiple photographs ready during one day. 

Honestly, this ones the tough-y! My biggest challenging with my blog at the moment is finding the time {and the energy} to write. Luckily for my blog, lockdown 2.0 means my second job is currently furloughed and I've got some time over the weekend to work on my content - I've got planning, photography and editing all down and it's going perfectly for me, however finding time for writing blog posts is just a thing of the past. 

My biggest tip for this is to simply focus on writing when you're feeling motivated - use the notebooks, writing down on your phone or whatever time of the day you simply feel ready to write. It's taken me three attempts to complete this post and, phew am I glad to see this is my final attempt with it. 

One thing I'll say to anyone struggling to stick with a blogging routine is; talk with other creators. Keep yourself motivated and connect with other bloggers - whether it's commenting on each others content, starting group chats or just generally having that connection with other people online will really help keep you productive as a part-time blogger.  

Oh, now this is a big one! Since working full time and my blog being part time, if I create content - it has to be because I want to do it! I'll spending evening writing and editing, weekends have suddenly become my bulk photography days - and then theres some weekends where I'll do nothing, I'll have zero motivation and it's recognising needing that break for the days when I'm actually motivated being worthwhile...honestly, when you force content it shows! 

Staying productive as a part time blogger can be quite challenging and honestly sometimes I question why I even bother? But truth be told I enjoy having this platform to keep myself creative and I love it! 

How do you stay productive with your blog? Give me all your suggestions because some days it's such a challenge... 

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