A lot has changed this year, and one thing that has had an impact on me has been my relationship with clothing and fashion. Yeah, maybe that's a weird statement for someone who's spent years trying to become a *fashion blogger* but hey, things don't always make sense now do they. 

Let me explain this a little bit more - I've always found my relationship with fashion to be a complicated one, if I'm not worried about the cost of clothing, I've convinced myself I won't suit certain pieces due to my size and then there's just this constant battle of stopping myself from wearing an oversize jumper every other day. 

There's a lot of things I'm grateful for this year, and one of those things have been the opportunity to work on my fashion choices and learning to love myself a little bit more. 

I spent my days during lockdown trying on clothes in my wardrobe that I was once too conscious to wear in public, I experimented with patterns and I just started saying *fuck it* a little more and boy, have I loved it. This year has also been the first time I've ever really felt comfortable enough in front of the camera and luckily with J's help, my confidence to do so has just continued to grow - so much so, I've also met with a number of other bloggers this year and created some of my favourite shoots! 

I've also been working in an office since September & wow in those short few months my thought process with clothes has changed dramatically - I'm more aware of what I want to wear, trying new styles and for the first time in years actually have an excuse to wear something other than practical clothing. 

So as we're getting closer to the colder season {my favourite time of year}, I thought I'd bring back to ol' wish-list and give you my current thought process with my outfit choices - what I want to start experimenting with, what I've already fallen in love with and just finding new ways of finding putting my outfits together. 

What's the top of your list for this winter? ...Personally I'm head over heels with blazers, teddy bear coats and any style of hat! 

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