It’s been a year of trial and error making the spare bedroom at my parents house, the perfect office space...but I think we’ve finally completed it. I always knew I needed to create the perfect gallery wall, filled with posters that truly resemble my personality and thankfully these prints are the perfect combination of both me & J. With the help of Poster Store, we've truly made this room our own and I can't for you'll to see this space. 

Office Makeover w/ Poster Store - Sarahlaublogs

Since my brother moved out a few years ago, his bedroom has been used for a variety of different things, from being the spare bedroom, a dumping ground and ultimately the place I've been wanting to redesign into the perfect space for blogging and content creating.

Last year, just before the first world went into lockdown we'd spent a weekend gutting out the place, moved things around and I had enough space to add my desk amongst the rest of the room, you can read a little more about our first attempt at decorating this bedroom, here. That being said, I loved it and over the course of the first lockdown, this room became the place I found my place online, rediscovering my love for creativity, challenging myself in terms of my photography and over the year I've really felt comfortable with the content I wanted to share online...
To continue doing what I'm doing online, I needed the perfect office space...and I think we've *finally* completed it...I mean, I say I think because there's still some bites and pieces in the room that don't yet have a home, yep, there's a corner of junk that I've conveniently hidden in these photographs.  

Office Makeover w/ Poster Store - Sarahlaublogs
Office Makeover w/ Poster Store - Sarahlaublogs
Office Makeover w/ Poster Store - Sarahlaublogs

If you're not following me on instagram, you may have missed the update that J recently started a new job, so this combined with Poster Store reaching out and wanting to help create the perfect gallery wall for own home, made this the perfect time to really complete this room.

As we've both been using this room much more recently for our separate content creating,  I knew I'd need J's help with the decision on the wall art we chose and if I'm being honest, we smashed it. We included a combination of a dream destinations, with pictures that resembled our relationship - the coffee, because we both worked as baristas' at the time, the cocktails because our first date was at a bar, and the hand holding because, pinky promises are very serious! 

Office Makeover w/ Poster Store - Sarahlaublogs
Office Makeover w/ Poster Store - Sarahlaublogs

This felt like my biggest challenge yet in terms of interior designs and I'm glad it came together the way it did, we spent a couple days searching the website finding the perfect prints and deciding on the sizes that would match the room and making the most of the space we had. We kept things simple with the black frames as we thought adding any more colours to the room would over-load the overall vibe. 

If you're looking for inspiration to brighten up a room in your home, check out the prints & frames available on Poster can even use my discount code: {SARAHLAU35} and receive 35% off on your order of posters! *excluding selection*

Thank you Poster Store, the whole family is in love with what we've been able do with this room and it's finally the perfect spot to spend my weekends writing & creating my content, thank you for keeping me inspired! 

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