Hello, my names Sarah and I'm the worst at taking time off...but I think y'all already know that already.

I've had this blog post idea sitting in my drafts for months, probably since August last year. As much as I wanted to share my thoughts on this...I also didn't want to write a post that probably wasn't 100% accurate or made me out to be an absolute hypocrite, because truth be told I was still struggling it to switch off and simply r e l a x.  

Thankfully since then, I've *finally* found the joy in taking a step back, switching off and actually enjoying my days off - we'll just ignore the fact it's taken me 9 months to figure it out. 

Honestly, It's shameful how much time it's taken me to accept it's okay to switch off on my days off, and even longer to accept it's okay without feeling guilty! You may not be aware that I'd found it so difficult to take the days off, that between September & December, I was working two jobs - for future reference Sarah, don't try this again... 

Let me explain this a little more though, back in September I was offered a position as Digital Marketer - a dream job, a job I've spent several years prior trying to get, but at the time was working a part-time job as a Cast Member at The Disney Store...and I was kind of hoping to have the best of both worlds, oh okay, yeah that was a little lame, I'll stop! As much as it sounded like the dream situation, it just didn't work for me. 

I mean I've always known that taking time off just wasn't I did naturally, even on my days off, I always felt like I needed to be doing something, whether it was; seeing pals, going shopping, creating know the drill. For example, prior to this I'd spent majority of my time in 2020 focusing my days blogging or content creating - but seriously thanks lockdown for that opportunity! 

Explanations and excuses aside, I don't really know what's changed my mind about taking that time for me, but seriously, I love it. 

Personally, I've found that my change in routine has really helped me take that time for myself, even if it's only one day over the weekend! Typically spending Saturday's creating content or socialising, I like to spend my Sunday's in bed, in my comfortable clothes and doing as little as possible and it's fab! 

I don't think I knew the direction I wanted to take this post and I think after all this time, I just wanted to write something new. SO, let this be a reminder to not only myself or to anyone else struggle, remember that taking a day to switch off, taking the day to be alone or needing to take a break from what's happening in the world, that's okay! 

...Right, so I've promised I've found a routine where I do nothing, I take that time for me and I've spent the day editing content, planning future content and writing my posts. So I'm going to switch off and watch some Netflix before I'm reminding that it's Sunday evening and we're back to work tomorrow... 

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